Finding the Best Escort Agency in London


Finding the Best Escort Agency in London

There are a lot of escort agencies in London, and I mean a lot. For some, it’s like being a kid in a sweet shop, but for those who prefer a high quality escort agency, finding the best escort agency in London can prove to be a challenge.

Find the best escort agency in London to suit your needs

People hire escorts for many different reasons. Some want companionship, others seek a fetish experience and others, just a night on the town with a beautiful woman. By taking the time to research an agency that caters to your specific requirements, finding the best escort agency in London is easy.

Research other user’s experiences

When you find an escort agency or independent escort which suits your specific requirements, do some research. Call the agency and speak to someone directly or spend some time googling the agency to read other users experiences. London has some amazing escort agencies like Cleopatra Escorts, but there is a darker side to the industry too. Spending some time researching the agencies that interest you will help you to find London’s best escort agency, and it will keep you safe too.

Look at independent escorts too, but check reviews

London has some great escort agencies, but they also have a delightful array of independent escorts. You get lots of protection from using an Escort Agency and you have lots of choice. However, if you find an independent escort who tickles your fancy, undertake lots of customer research and give her a call.

Ensure that escorts are above legal age

Using an escort for companionship isn’t illegal, but having sex for money is. If you and your escort are mutually attracted to each other during your date and happen to have sex, you’ll need to ensure that the person you are having sex with is of the legal age. For an escort agency, this is 18. Having sex with an underage escort is a very serious offence so it is important to check the age of your escort to avoid serious legal penalties.

Furthermore, it is the role of the escort agency to ensure that the escorts they hire are of the legal age. Hiring escorts under the age of 18 can be viewed as human trafficking, which carries a substantial prison term. The best London escort agencies will never employ an underage girl, thus ensuring that your safety is protected in addition to the safety of your escort.

Look at the escort agencies website for information

From my experience, the best escort agencies in London have a detailed and comprehensive website. They aren’t afraid to show customer reviews and they have full details of the services that each escort is willing to offer, so there is no confusion. The Cleopatra Escorts website is a great example because it’s ideal for those who want a quick search of services. The site is easy to navigate and lists the escorts by service and area, so you can cross reference. They also have an area for customer reviews, so you can follow the experiences of other members.

Enjoy the fruits of the best escort agency in London by brushing up on etiquette

Brushing up on escort etiquette is important because its good manners and sets the right ambiance for the experience.

For most high class London escort agencies, it is expected that:

  • The escort is paid before any activities take place.
  • You shower, brush your teeth and maintain a high standard of cleanliness before the appointment.
  • You specify any special requirements such as fetish play, or couples play before the appointment to avoid any confusion.
  • Always mention upfront if you have any health problems, cuts or abrasions.
  • Never turn up for an appointment drunk or on drugs. If you’d like to share a drink with your escort, ensure that you arrive with a sealed bottle.
  • If you’re happy with the service that you have received, leave a review for the escort on the agency website.

The best London escort agencies usually have a few pointers on their company website. However, if you aren’t sure what is expected from you during your appointment, speak to the agency receptionist and she will give you some pointers.

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