Great Lubes for Hetro Sex


Great Lubes for Hetro Sex

Lubricants are really confusing. There are literally hundreds of different brands, each of them promising to great lubes and some even offering to transform your sex life from okay, to absolutely phenomenal.  The most difficult part about choosing a lubricant, is wading through the jargon and finding a great lube to suit you and your heterosexual partner.

The reason that I chose to focus on heterosexual couples for this particular piece, is that heterosexual couples have different needs to gay and lesbian couples. They have the same body parts (obviously) but with some of the sexual practices being a little different between hetro, gay and lesbian couples, I thought that each relationship deserved the attention of their own unique article. So in effect, this is only part one.

Choosing great lubes for heterosexual sex

Lubricant is the perfect accompaniment to heterosexual sex, but it’s a product that so many people forget to use. In addition, with some great lubes ideal as a standalone product they don’t always work well with condoms and sex toys. It’s better to invest in a great water-based lubricant and keep it close to hand during sex. Water-based lubricants are probably the most versatile lubricant as they are usually safe to use during skin to skin contact, with sex toys and condom safe too. One thing to remember about water-based lubricants, they can dry out quickly so try to keep them nearby for reapplication.

Great ways to use lube during sex

Lubricants are the unsung heroes of great sex. Don’t believe me? Take a few minutes to think about the great ways that lubes can spice up sex between heterosexual partners.

Use great lubes to improve masturbation or foreplay

Ever wondered why people often reach for lotions and potions before masturbation. Using a lubricant before masturbation helps to increase sensation and decrease uncomfortable friction during masturbation. Because water-based lubricants are gentle on the skin, they are ideal for those times when you want to masturbate or manually pleasure your partner.

Great lubes can make oral sex easier and longer lasting

No need to do the spit and shake when you have a great lube to hand. Simply add a few drops of lube to help create the slippery sensations that make giving head even easier. During a blow job, adding lube can help to prevent jaw ache and reduce any hand friction during hand play too. If you don’t like the taste of oral sex, try using a flavoured lubricant.

Vibrator play feels completely different with a selection of great lubes

Teasing your partner during sex just got a whole lot more comfortable with the addition of a great water-based lubricant. Add a few drops before using a sex toy to pleasure yourself and you’ll experience a sensation that is gentler, slicker and far more pleasurable. It really does feel amazing! If your using a cock ring, adding a few drops of lube helps the cock ring to slide easily down the shaft and increases sensation.

*Silicone lubricant is not compatible with many sex toys. It is better to use a water-based lubricant*

Great lubes can make penetrative sex more fun

The vagina has natural lubricant but this isn’t always the case. At some times of the month or even stage of life, the vagina may feel dryer than normal and this can cause some discomfort during sex. A few drops of water-based lubricant can help to make sex more comfortable and decrease any uncomfortable friction. For those who don’t struggle with vaginal dryness, experimenting with a tingly lubricant, warming lube or cooling lubricant can help to create a wealth or new and exciting sensations during sex or foreplay.

Great lubes are a MUST during anal sex

Unlike vaginal sex, anal sex produces no lubrication and therefore a long lasting lubricant is very important. For anal sex, a silicone lubricant is a great option because it lasts a lot longer than water-based counterparts and gives great protection against internal abrasions. However, remember that some lubricants may not be compatible with condoms and it may be safer to opt for a water-based lubricant and top up regularly. For fans of Pjur lubricants, they have a great range of long lasting water-based anal lubes.

Other uses for great lubes

Have I covered everything, or do you use lubricants in another way. If so, please let my readers know by leaving a comment in the comment box.

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