Seven Reasons Why People Hire Escorts


Seven Reasons Why People Hire Escorts

If you ask your friends how many of you have paid for sex or hired an escort, you’d be surprised with the answer. Over 7% of men admitted paying for sex at least once between 1994 and 2010. Our lives are now much more stressful – we are work harder, playing harder and there seems to be very little time to enjoy a full time relationship. With this in mind, I spoke to some of my male followers who frequent escort agencies and asked why people hire escorts.

Here are the responses I got:

Escorts make a great Travel Guide

When asking why people hire escorts, I was told that for those visiting a strange city, it can be a little daunting. With the rise in trip review sites and the use of travel guides, you may be able to navigate your way through unfamiliar territory. However, very few people know the hottest clubs and the best restaurants like an escort. Booking an escort with a reputable agency like Babes of London ensures that you get the best help with your requirements and a beautiful woman on your arm too.

Busy Gentlemen are often too busy for love, so they hire escorts

A busy gentleman rarely has the time to commit to a full time relationship but this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get lonely from time to time. Hiring an escort gives you the company you crave need without the hassle of a full time relationship.

Hiring escorts help to avoid complications

When asking why people hire escorts, I was told by my followers that bad dates and one night stands lead to complications. If you prefer to keep your love life simple and hassle-free, hiring an escort from Babes of London ensures that you can enjoy the company of a beautiful woman, but only when you want to. Once the date is over, all you’ll have is a fond memory and a big smile on your face.

You can indulge your fantasies when you hire an escort

Because an escort is hired, their job involves keeping the customer happy – within reason. When using escort services, detail your requirements when you book to ensure that the agency send the perfect girl to suit your needs. If you want a busty blonde escort or an escort with model looks, that’s what you get. It’s the perfect way to bring your ultimate fantasies to life.

Usually with escorts, there is sex between two consenting adults. Although escorts cannot be paid for sex because it’s illegal, they are usually more adventurous and open minded with your personal tastes.

Agency escorts are screened

When asking why people hire escorts, one of my readers responded by talking about the screening process. Because escort agencies like Babes of London pride themselves on a discreet and professional service. They carefully screen every escort that they represent to ensure that each person meets their high and uncompromising standards. Although the same can’t be said for every agency, looking at reviews and searching for reputable agencies ensures that you receive the best possible service and don’t put your health at risk.

You can visit an escort at home or go out

For those who prefer a more discreet service, some escorts offer an Incall or Outcall service. With an Incall service, you can visit the escort the privacy of her own home. This enables you to fully relax and unwind with your London escort without worrying about gossip.

Escorts are Discreet and Professional

In the cut-throat escort industry, discretion is of paramount importance. Gossiping and unprofessional behaviour can ruin the reputation that an escort has spent years building. You can rest assured that an escort won’t spill the beans on your private life. Unlike a vengeful ex-partner or a bitter one night stand, you won’t be the subject of gossip after using a reputable and professional escort.

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