Travelling with Sex Toys


Travelling with Sex Toys

Travelling with Sex Toys

Wedding season is in full bloom and my social media timelines are filled with happy couples jetting off on honeymoon, or taking a romantic break away together. With the increase in cheap package holidays and cut price flights, the timing is perfect. With these romantic breaks in mind, there are lots of opportunities to reignite that spark and enjoy a little more passion in the bedroom. However, when travelling with sex toys, it is very important that you take a few minutes to learn about the law and cultural customs of the country that you are travelling to.

Travelling with Sex ToysTravelling with sex toys to the Maldives

The Maldives is a beautiful and popular honeymoon destination because it offers white sandy beaches and a slow idyllic pace. However, the authorities are hot on the topic of banning pornography. Sex toys are classed as pornographic materials and therefore, banned from the county. Breaking the law and bringing sex toys into the Maldives can lead to arrest and possibly prison.

Travelling with sex toys to Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia legal system follows the Sharia Islamic law. Under Islamic law, sex toys are classed as illegal pornographic material and banned from the country. Although you can visit sex shops in Saudi Arabia, you will not find any sex toys available. They sell items to enhance sensuality such as candles and oils. Visitors who are caught with a sex toy in their luggage face their item being confiscated.

Travelling with Sex ToysTravelling with sex toys to the United Arab Emirates

As someone who recently visited Dubai, it is clear to see why the United Arab Emirates is increasing in popularity. Everything is opulent and over the top, with so many beautiful and breath taking attractions to visit. Although popular tourist areas are more relaxed in terms of dress and serving alcohol, it is important to remember that the UAE still hold very conservative views. Travelling to the UAE with a sex toy is illegal and there are strict penalties in place for those who are caught. Those who try to flout the ban by ordering sex toys to be delivered to a destination within the country also face prosecution.

Travelling with sex toys to Thailand

You may be forgiven for believing Thailand to have a more relaxed attitude to sex toys. Particularly in light of their thriving sex industry. However, it is probably better to leave the sex toys at home and spend some time tasting their incredible street food and hopping across the plethora of beautiful islands instead. Sex toys are classed as obscene goods on the country’s list of prohibited items and therefore, banned from the country.

Travelling with Sex ToysTravelling with sex toys to Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country which is slowly emerging as an up and coming travel destination. This is partly due to the vast history of the island and the beautiful nature. Vietnam is also an affordable place to travel around. Their rules on sex toys, however, are very strict. In 2011 the Vietnamese authorities made it illegal to bring sex toys into the country or buy them in the Vietnam. Anyone found to be flouting the law will have their items confiscated.

Travelling with sex toys to Malaysia

Travelling to Malaysia with sex toys is forbidden and could lead to a hefty punishment for those who get caught. Instead, bring the spark back into your relationship by enjoying the beautiful sunsets and walking hand in hand on white sandy beaches. If you do try to smuggle obscene material into the country, expect a heavy fine and a possible prison sentence if you are caught.

Travelling with Sex ToysTravelling with sex toys to India

Those visiting India expect to see some incredibly romantic sights such as the Taj Mahal or the beautiful beaches of Goa. However, bringing items such as books, sex toys or pictures that are deemed to be obscene may land you in a hot water with the authorities.

Travelling with Sex Toys

Once you have established that it is safe and legal to travel with your sex toys. You may find yourself faced with another concern; how to travel with sex toys and spare your blushes. We’ve all heard horror stories about suitcases being opened and checked by security staff and bags that suddenly ‘come alive and start vibrating’ in the airport. So here are a few failsafe tips for travelling with sex toys.

  • Remove all batteries from your sex toys before you travel and use fresh batteries when you arrive. That way, they are more likely to last the duration of your stay and the item won’t go off in your bag.
  • Check whether your sex toy has a travel lock feature and use it during travel.
  • If you have a mains operated sex toy such as a Doxy, be sure to pack an adapter if required.
  • Place sex toys in clear bags so if your bag is searched, the security staff don’t need to touch your item.
  • Some smaller items can be discreetly placed inside shoes so they aren’t immediately visible during a search.
  • When carrying lubes and sex toy cleaner, be mindful of aeroplane travel rules. At present, you can only take 100ml of liquids onto the plane.
  • Sex toy cleaning wipes are ideal for travellers because they are discreet and travel friendly.
  • Glass sex toys are hard wearing and travel very well if wrapped up properly. They aren’t picked up on airport scanners and perfect for fun in the sun. Place item in a bucket of ice and explore the delicious cooling sensations.



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