Turn up the heat this Bonfire night with a little help from Bathmate


Turn up the heat this Bonfire night with a little help from Bathmate

It’s that time of year again, it’s been a little chillier than usual this October and there’s never been a better excuse to put on the heating and stay indoors… that was until I spotted the exciting range of products from Bathmate.

For those who haven’t heard of them, Bathmate are the creators of the best-selling penis pump in the world. Not only is this product very safe to use, but it offers a safe and natural remedy for impotence which is an issue affecting lots of men in the United Kingdom. They also have a fantastic range of men’s sex toys available to help to improve and enhance sexual experiences.

BathmateErectile Dysfunction Cure

For some, sexual encounters might be a thing of the past, especially if you have had trouble getting an erection. This may be a result of getting a little older or even because of some illnesses which cause erection problems. However, with a little bit of research and a dash of patience, you can rekindle the flames of passion with an erection to be proud of. For those new to penis pumping, I recommend a beginner’s penis pump such as the Bathmate Hydro7. This pump is easy to use, offers a moderate level of vacuum and gives excellent results.

BathmateLonger Lasting Erections

Now that you’ve achieved an erection, keep the fire burning by adding a cock ring. A cock ring works by gently trapping blood into the penis. For those combining a Bathmate Power Ring with a penis pump, this helps to ensure that your erection doesn’t deflate and remains firm. For best results, combine with plenty of water-based lubricant and be prepared enjoy a little experimentation. The Bathmate range comes in a range of different textures and sizes, so there is something to suit everyone.

*Please Note* Cock rings must be removed every 30 minutes to allow the penis to take a break.

BathmateDelay Ejaculation

Sometimes, getting an erection might not be the problem. Some men struggle with issues such as premature ejaculation. Again, this can be a difficult topic for some people to talk about. For those hoping to stoke the flames of passion a little longer this bonfire night will find their interest piqued by the Bathmate Control cream. This cream helps to delay orgasm, improve blood circulation and increase bedroom stamina. For best results, apply approximately forty minutes before sexual intercourse.

BathmateBetter Sex

For those hoping for fireworks this bonfire night, a vibrating cock ring is the perfect accompaniment to a night of unbridled pleasure. Suited for heterosexual sex, the Tickle Vibe Ring has a rabbit style extension with a unique textured surface. That way, you enjoy the same benefits as a standard cock ring but the buzzy vibrations stimulate both partners to ensure a long lasting, toe curling mutual orgasm. The stretchy material is easy to put on and is suitable for many different size and shape of penis.

BathmateA little something for her…

Sometimes a little added extra can help to make sex better for women, especially if she is hard to please. Introducing a vibrating bullet into the bedroom such as the Vibe Bullet Vibrator can help to increase her chances of having a powerful climax this Bonfire Night. Whether you use the bullet to stimulate the erogenous zones during foreplay, or place on the clitoris during penetrative sex to spice things up. One things for sure, this vibrating bullet may be small but it’s certainly mighty!

The importance of enjoying an active sex life

Sex is an important part of any relationship and something that we all take for granted until things starts to go wrong. Those suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or a failure to ejaculate tend to look at medication for assistance. However, medication isn’t always an option for people with health issues. Sex toys and penis pumps can offer natural remedies for impotence without the need for pills. For women who find it difficult to achieve an orgasm, introducing sex toys into the bedroom can help to increase your chances of having an orgasm.

Taking action to combat erectile dysfunction and enjoying an active sex life is a great way to reconnect with a partner and ignite the flames of passion again. If you do anything this bonfire night, make sure that it begins with a good look at Bathmate’s range of hydro pumps and accessories.

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