A sad announcement from Voluptasse


It is with a heavy heart that I post today but unfortunately I have decided that the party aspect of Voluptasse will come to a close as of today.

I have loved being taken into your confidence and helping you all to choose amazing products, especially hearing your feed back and seeing how much fun you’ve had, but unfortunately it’s an area that doesn’t seem to be working as well as it should be. As a business, I need to be sensible and use my time to work on the areas which do generate sales and mean that I can deliver the same level of dedication and customer service.

Every party is planned and themed meticulously and although I’ve never charged for them, I always come armed with games, prizes and props to make the night unforgettable. I need to make money though and in times when people are struggling to feed their families it can be very difficult to make the sales that I need to simply break even. The stress and the late nights are taking their toll on my health and my family life and something has got to give.

This isn’t a decision that I’ve taken lightly and I am in tears as I write this because I feel like I have failed, but I know that failing would be putting myself and my family through more stress and anxiety because I am too proud to cut the dead wood. Some parties have been great, others have used me as free entertainment, some have booked me to copy idea’s, others have sniffed my vibrators to see if I used them and I’ve sometimes been insulted. I was running round  a busy pub with a whip and handcuffs just two days before I gave birth and I’ve taken it all with a smile on my face because I love my job – ups and downs. It’s all about the future now though and that is what I need to look towards.

Thank you for all your support, you can still buy products from the website or by contacting me directly and I will still help with charity events where required. For the future, I will be concentrating solely on the Voluptasse website and my writing career. I will of course, honour any party bookings that I currently have but will not be taking any more.

Thanks again, wish me luck for the future 🙂


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