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Thank you to Victoria Blisse for inviting me to take the infamous Blog Tour and thank you to those that are taking the time to read it!

The blog tour involves answering questions about my writing process. I’m pretty new to letting other people see my writing, I’ve been doing it on some scale my whole life but that was always just for me. I am currently working on a re-write of my Alison Gets Ahead erotica series. Alison is a down trodden, workaholic who is desperate for promotion. However, she soon realises that it takes much more then hard work to get noticed. She embarks upon a journey of self-discovery and discovers that there is much more to life than work and the results are explosive!

I am also writing a children’s series called the Red Balloon Adventures starring my beautiful twin boys, Jackson and Pacey. The first book has been written and is currently being illustrated by my lovely and very talented niece Raiven MacFarlane. It’s a lot different from my adult material but I have always loved to write children’s stories and it gives my vivid imagination the chance to go completely wild! The Red Balloon Adventures will be available in E-book format in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for it.

I am also working on several sex toy reviews, I am lucky enough to be sent items from sex toy companies for an honest and unbiased review. I am currently writing up a review for the amazing We-Vibe 4 which is a couple’s vibrator and was a lot of fun to work on. I love to review sex toys, not just for the obvious benefits but it helps me to run my Voluptasse website and home parties.

I like to have as much first-hand knowledge and experience of the toys I am recommending to my clients and  don’t believe in hiding behind a computer. I enjoy taking the time to learn the different aspects of a product so that I can match the right product with the right client. There’s are 100’s of products on the market at the moment which can be confusing and although it wouldn’t be possible for me to review everything, it’s important that I take the time to know what they do.

I’m not sure how my work differs from others in the genre as I am not confident enough to imagine that I would stand out for any reason. I think my individuality will come in time as my confidence grows and I start to break the boundaries. I suppose Alison Gets Ahead is different because she isn’t the simpering female that seems to be prevalent in current erotica. It’s about a woman taking control of her destiny and using her charms and wit get the things that she wants. Each adventure is completely different and has a completely new experience but still follows the backbone of the story.

At the moment my writing process works when I get the opportunity for it to work. With five young children, Voluptasse to write for and run, plus my copy-writing work for other sex toy websites I do find that my writing often takes a back-seat. However, after lots of advice I am attempting to schedule time for my creative writing and finally fulfil my life-long dream of becoming a number 1 best-selling author. I have faith!

My first nomination to take the Infamous Blog Tour is the lovely Cara Sutra.

The Cara Sutra combines years of experience in the adult industry with a passion for all things kinky and sexually adventurous. Her multi-award winning website covers such topics as original erotica, her personal sex blog, sex toy reviews, sex & relationship advice and adult industry news, as well as guest posts and articles on a variety of related subjects.

My second nomination is the delightful Lily Harlem.

Lily is an award-winning author of deliciously naughty contemporary erotic romance who is based in the UK and writes for several publishing houses including Ellora’s Cave, Totally Bound, Mischief at HarperCollins, Sweetmeats Press and Xcite. She promises to take her readers on a steamy, sensual ride with every story she writes. You can find Lily Harlem’s Blog Tour right here!

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