Diary of a Sex Writer- 17th August 2014


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Diary of a Sex Writer – 17th August 2014

Its been a busy week here, promoting the #voluptassebrachallenge and raising funds for Cancer Research. It’s been great watching everyone getting involved n the fundraiser and sending their donations to this great cause. The challenge runs all the way through October and raises funds for Breast Cancer Awareness. We even dragged our men folk into the challenge and they threw themselves into it! Why nt? Breast Cancer affects men too.

Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline

I also met an amazing woman called Rachael who works at the National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline shop in our local town centre, Blackburn. The support that the Helpline gives to women is invaluable and the Director, Wendy Watson have saved hundreds of lives through her dedication and hard work with the Charity. I read Wendy’s autobiography – I’m Still Standing, My Fight Against Hereditary Breast Cancer recently and it was so inspiring, she was the first woman in the UK to have a preventative mastectomy and used her experience to help countless women who also similar patterns of breast and ovarian cancer in the family. Unfortunately, the charity funding was cut and this valuable service now relies solely on relentless fundraising which I find very sad.

My meeting with Rachael helped me immensely, her knowledge of breast procedures and first hand experience gave me such an important insight about the personal effects of having a genetic disposition to cancer. She spoke about the death of her cousin through heredtary breast cancer and her hope to find ways to utitlise her dress making skills. I found Rachael the kind of woman who left me feeling inspired. She has a genuine warmth and real desire to help raise awareness of hereditary breast cancer. I left the meeting feeling so pleased to have met her and I have a feeling that we’ll become really good friends. It was like we’d known each other for years.

I was saddened to lose an important writing contract this week due to a downturn in business but very pleased to pick up two new contracts. It’s true what they say – One door closes and another one opens. I also wrote an article about Halloween Games for SeGzi and a tongue in cheek piece about sexual mishaps (Yet to be published). I got some lovely feedback and the offer of much more content writing so things are definitely looking up.

I’m also having a great run of Sex Toy sales thanks to my decision to bring back my home parties. I’m  working on one to one sex toy consultations and couples meetings so I can chat to couples and show them a variety of products which can give a much needed boost to their sex lives. As people as becoming more aware of my services, it gives me the boost that I need to keep going with Voluptasse.

Phone Wanker

An interesting experience this week was my gentleman caller who asked some very in depth questions about sex toys and stopped me mid-sentence so he could ‘unstrap his penis from his leg’. He later proceeded to bombard my important business line with constant phone calls, each one involved him pleasuring himself down the my speaker phone to the whole room whilst we silently giggled. Maybe I should start to charge for this service…. perhaps  I missing my niche? I suppose I should feel grateful that it wasn’t another 2 am caller or one who talks to my children when I am driving and can’t answer myself (I wasn’t aware of the nature of the call and thought it was someone else). I can’t imagine for one second that anyone could find my strong Lancashire drone remotely arousing but this particular man enjoyed himself.

My First Double Mastectomy Bra Fitting

I also had my first double Mastectomy bra fitting this week. I was well prepared and had all my notes and bras for the lady to try on. However, this did nothing to calm my nerves. I desperately wanted to find her the perfect bra and for her to relax and enjoy the experience. Unfortunately, I noticed at the last minute that my children had stolen the tape measure. The poor woman was unceremoniously dragged to the nearest shop whilst I picked one up and apologised profusely, it really broke the ice though. The fitting was tricky as the mastectomy had left her with breasts that were uneven but she was so lovely and it really helped us to relax and enjoy the fitting. We eventually found a lovely bra which suited her shape and looked great, so we placed an order.

My second fitting this week was much more straight forward but rather impromptu. I think it’s time to carry my tape measure around with me wherever I go. I could actually see the problems that she was having with her bras and although the sizes were correct. She wasn’t always wearing the correct bra for her shape which was were the problems lay. She left much more informed and very hapy with the service.

This weekend will be a working weekend as I have so much to catch upon and lots more work to carry out. Luckily I have a few sex toy reviews to enjoy this weekend so it’s not all work and no play. Whoop!

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