Spoilt for choice…

It’s a busy time for Reviewers with more Sex Toy retailers utilising bloggers to help spread the word about new products on the Market. 

Reviewing is so important to a retailer as it is a first hand experience with our product and can be the difference between a lot of sales or shelving a product that we wouldn’t want to send out to a customer. 

A good review also provides a wealth of information about about getting the best out of the product by someone who has a lot of experience with this kind of product or has very limited experience like a consumers who don’t buy very often. Either way, they are invaluable.

Why not post a review of your experience  with a product on our website and share your experience? 

Also, keep an eye on our Blog for up to date reviews on some of the newest products available and our feedback about the newest sizzling reads.

If you want more information about a product… Just ask! 

If you want to add a guest review of your own on our Voluptasse Blog please contact us. The more the merrier! 

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