Never Forget To Do Your Kegel Exercises


Eight Reasons Why You Should Never Forget To Do Your Kegel Exercises

As 21st century women, we lead very busy lives. In between full time jobs, running a busy household and trying to maintain supermodel looks (don’t even get me started on THAT), taking the time to think about your health is practically impossible. I recall being told about the importance of Kegel exercise and made feeble attempts to incorporate it into my routine but to be honest, I just couldn’t be bothered. After all, I was too busy and my lady bits still felt pretty firm.

This wouldn’t affect me yet… would it?

The more I speak to women my age, and sometimes younger, the more I realise that a weak pelvic floor is a problem which is affecting men AND women of all ages. In fact, it is estimated that 3 to 6 million people in the UK suffer some degree of preventable urinary incontinence.

So, whether you have vice-like pelvic floor muscles or you are amongst the millions who require some help in this area. The chances are that at some point in your life, you will find these tips useful.

Here are eight reasons why you should never forget to do your Kegel exercises.

Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is one of the most important muscles in the body

The pelvic floor muscle resembles a large hammock which stretches from side to side across the floor of the pelvis. The role of the pelvic floor muscle is to support the abdominal contents and pelvic organs (vagina, uterus, bowel and bladder) in place too.

As we get older, we place a lot of stress on the pelvic floor due to pregnancy, childbirth and sometimes, just old age. This causes the muscles to weaken, which is turn can lead to problems such as incontinence, loss of sexual pleasure and more seriously, pelvic organ prolapse. I remember this happening to a friend of mine, she was told at the time that this could have been prevented with regular Kegal exercises.

Wellbeing of women recommend doing your pelvic floor exercises up to three times a day. Try to aim for breakfast, dinner time and tea time. However, if that isn’t convenient, look at your schedule and work with the times that suit you best.

Prevention is better than cure

Finding the pelvic muscles is easy, however exercising the right muscle takes a little more work. From my experience, some women (myself included) find it difficult to maintain the required ‘squeeze’ each time and this causes them to become disheartened and give up.

When I was looking for my own pelvic floor muscles, I found it easier to hunt them down whilst having a wee. The muscles you use when you (briefly) stop the flow of urine are your pelvic floor muscles. As squeeze upwards to hold the urine inside your body, that is the squeeze you replicate when performing the Kegel exercise.

It is never too late to repair the damage caused by a weak pelvic floor but wouldn’t you prefer to avoid it altogether? Here is an exercise to get you started –

Pelvic floor exercise

  • Squeeze the pelvic floor muscle (as described above)
  • Hold for up to 6 seconds
  • Release
  • Repeat 5 times at first and increase as your strength builds

If you struggle to hold the muscle for longer than a couple of seconds, don’t worry too much about it. With plenty of practice, the muscles will become stronger so for now, concentrate on the exercises that feel comfortable and build up from there.

Couple Having An Orgasm

Kegel exercises help to enhance sexual pleasure

Your pelvic floor is the muscle responsible for those delicious clenches you feel during orgasm. Regular Kegel exercises help to tone the vagina and enable you to keep a better grip of your partner during penetrative sex. As you climax, a more toned vagina will clench harder which intensifies sensation for both partners.

Is there any better reason than that?

Nalone Miu Miu

You can combine Kegel exercises with foreplay

Introduce your partner to the G Spot stimulating Miu Miu from Nalone and give your pelvic floor a workout as you play. With a remote which reaches over 10 feet away, you can combine powerful internal pleasure with a naughty night in or out together. A personal favourite of mine is to take the Miu Miu to a restaurant and allow your partner to tease you throughout the meal. By the time dessert is served, you’ll be desperate to get home!

For those who are playing alone, combine the internal vibration from the Miu Miu with clitoral stimulation for a mind blowing finale.

Using an app

There are apps to help you remember your Kegal exercises

There are dozens of apps available on Itunes and Android which help to formulate an exercise plan and send a reminder when it is time to do your exercises. There really is no excuse! My favourites are:

Simply typing pelvic floor into your app store brings up lots of different options to choose from.

Kegel exercises contribute towards a healthy pregnancy

Being pregnant places a lot of stress on the pelvic floor and can lead to bladder weakness both during and after pregnancy. By strengthening the pelvic floor with exercises during your pregnancy it helps to support the extra weight of the baby. Kegel exercises also increase blood flow to the perineum (the area between the vagina and anus) which helps the area to heal after childbirth.

Nalone YaniKegel exercises are easier than ever

With so many products on the market like the Yany from the luxury sex toy manufacturer Nalone. Pelvic floor exercises couldn’t be easier. However, the Yany feels just a little more luxurious and the weights can be increased for a more intense workout. Instead of relying on your memory to perform exercises during the day, insert the weighted balls into the vagina and your pelvic muscles instantly clench to hold them in place. This gives the pelvic floor a really good workout and helps to tone the muscles.

It’s a great solution for the busy working woman.

For results in as little as six weeks, wear the Nalone Yany for just 15 minutes a day, perhaps whilst brushing your teeth and showering. Because these balls are completely silent, they are really discreet and perfect for using outside of the house.

Like traditional exercise, your Kegal exercise must be maintained in order to achieve long lasting results. I recommend making this part of your routine and sticking to it.

Tena Lady

Kegel Exercises save money

The price of Tena lady (at ASDA) currently stands at £2.40 for 12 pads. Add up the cost of using 4 pads a day for a whole year and that equates to 122 packets of Tena lady per year. Add up the cost and you’re spending £292.80 on Tena lady evert twelve months!

Why not spend some of that money on the Nalone Yany and the rest on an amazing outfit.

After all, there’s nothing holding you back now!

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