How To Hide a Flabby Tummy in Lingerie


How To Hide a Flabby Tummy in Lingerie

When taking part in a lingerie consultation, there is usually one common concern amongst the ladies that I speak with, how to hide a flabby tummy in lingerie. Like me, a lot of women have had children or suffer with self-confidence issues and want to hide the tummy area. Instead of feeling sexy and powerful, the thought of putting on something revealing and showing off that wonderful body is more likely to bring them out in a cold sweat.

However, with the correct tummy shaping lingerie every woman can feel sexy and confident. I’ve said this a hundred times and I’ll say it again, by working with your best assets and discreetly covering your least favourite areas you can get great results and hide a flabby tummy in lingerie.


Hide a flabby tummy in lingerie by improving your posture

Standing up straight instantly makes you look up to 5 pounds slimmer. By standing taller, you lose the ‘pot belly’ appearance that you have when you slouch. Imagine a piece of string being pulled from the top of your head and straightening your spine. Not only does this make you look and feel more confident, but it will help to smooth your silhouette too. It’s a fast and simple way to hide a flabby tummy in lingerie without using shapewear.


Hide your jelly belly by showing off your boobs

Wearing a balconette or push up bra will maximise your cleavage and draw the eyes away from any imperfections. Look at my comprehensive bra fitting guide for tips on choosing the right bra to suit your shape and hide a flabby tummy in lingerie.

Smooth a flabby tummy by avoiding a tight waistband

When choosing lingerie to hide a flabby tummy, avoid a tight waistband as this will create an unflattering ‘muffin top’. A high waisted brief is great for disguising the tummy. This is due to the full tummy coverage and comfort on the waist line. With a lot of vintage style high waisted briefs in fashion this season, it’s a great time to experiment with different styles of underwear.

Improve your silhouette with figure shaping lingerie

Shapewear offers light control across the stomach and hips and is usually very comfortable. Long gone are the days of the Bridget Jones knickers, figure shaping underwear now available in a range of flattering styles and beautiful fabrics. For sexy shapewear, Figleaves have a great selection to choose from.

Flatter your tummy with a camisole or baby doll

A camisole is made from soft fabric and reaches the waist so it covers the top half of your body. A camisole is usually sleeveless and occasionally contains underwire to lift and flatter the bust too. Designed to hide any bulges and smooth the silhouette, a camisole is a great option for those trying hide a flabby tummy in lingerie.

A baby doll teddy is a looser form of negligee which falls below the waist so it covers your stomach and hips too. With low necklines and a feminine cut to the fabric, these are a great way to disguise a bloated stomach whilst highlighting a great cleavage and killer legs.

Get rid of tummy fat with a corset

Designed to reshape the figure, a corset pulls the tummy flat and helps to create hourglass curves. Very flattering and perfect to wear as lingerie or for a night out with friends, a corset is a great way to hide a large stomach.


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