Enjoy Harder Erections and Better Sex Using Male Sex Toys


Enjoy Harder Erections and Better Sex Using Male Sex Toys


Contrary to popular belief, male sex toys aren’t for sad single men or perverts. Over the last few years, sales of male sex toys have increased dramatically. More couples are incorporating the use of sex toys into the bedroom, whilst some products even help to promote sexual health in men.  In this article, I look at the ways in which male sex toys actually improve our sex lives. Whether its longer lasting and harder erections, to better stamina in the bedroom – I think I’ve covered it all?

Harder Erections

Achieve a bigger and harder erection using a penis pump

Penis pumps work by increasing blood flow to the penis. This causes the tissues to expand, so the penis looks larger and more engorged. The effects are temporary and the penis will subside, but pumps are great for those who love the ‘blow job’ effect of the sucking vacuum. They also work well for those suffering from erectile dysfunction, or weak erections caused by medication or illness. With just a few minutes pumping before sex, you’ll increase both the size and duration of your erection without resorting to creams or creams.

Harder Erection


A cock ring won’t help you to get an erection, but it will help you to maintain it.

As men age, their erections do become weaker and in some cases, harder to maintain. Erectile dysfunction is very common and affects the wellbeing of men, women and their relationships together. One way to achieve a harder erection that lasts longer, is by using a cock ring. Cock rings work by allowing the natural flow of blood into the penis, but slow down the rate in which the blood returns from the penis. This leaves the erection more engorged, so it feels much harder and more sensitive to touch. Using a cock ring, an erection can last up to four times longer. When the wearer finally ejaculates, orgasms are intensified.

Cock rings are great for masturbation too because they enable the wearer to play for longer. For couples, try a vibrating cock ring for fantastic mutual stimulation.

A male masturbator will help you last longer in bed.

Anyone who uses a male masturbator will tell you that the first few times you use it, you ejaculate very quickly. This is because the deep inner textures are designed to deliver pleasure like no other! However, you can quickly turn this to your advantage. Instead of focusing on the end result, use the masturbation sleeve to train your body to last longer without the pressure of an added partner. Experiment with speed and depth, and teach your body to hold back until you’re ready to climax. With the pressure of pleasing another person off your shoulders, this leaves you free to focus on your body and learn how to control your orgasm. When the perfect partner arrives, they will be blown away by your expert techniques and incredible stamina.

Harder Erections
Rocks Off Bad Boy

Experience a fully body orgasm by massaging the P Spot

Women have the G Spot; men have the P Spot! The prostate gland, or P spot as it is sometimes known is located a few inches inside the anus. Massaging this glad with a finger or a sex toy, can lead to long and powerful full body orgasms and multiple climaxes. In addition to the intense sexual pleasure derived from prostate massage, there are also lots of health benefits from regularly stimulating the gland. Those suffering with weak erections may start to suffer from a build-up of seminal fluids and this can lead to infection. Use a prostate massager to stimulate the gland and achieve orgasm without an erection, this enables a release of the fluid build-up and is a great way to keep the prostate in optimum health. Prostate massage can also be enjoyed with a partner too.

More Information about Erectile Dysfunction

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