Looking Through The Glass – Free Erotica


Looking Through The Glass – Free Erotica

Donna chewed nervously at her fingernails and glanced at the young woman standing in front of her. ‘She must be around the same age as Fifi,’ she thought bitterly. Her grey eyes taking in the travel agents wrinkle free skin and shiny blonde ponytail. With her limp brown hair and stern features, Donna knew that she paled in comparison.

Sensing the scrutiny, the woman gave an over-bright smile and tapped loudly on the keyboard. The loud clicking on the keys betraying the irritation she felt. ‘Mrs Jones, I’m doing my best but I’m struggling to find something which leaves today. There’s a lovely holiday in Greece which is available….?’ She looked hopefully at the woman before her but found herself silenced by Donna’s icy glare.

Exhaling loudly, she looked back at the screen and continued to type. ‘I don’t get paid enough for this,’ she thought in irritation. ‘This snotty, middle aged woman wants a package holiday which leaves in the next three hours and I’m expected to work miracles.’ Reaching for her mobile phone, she discreetly text her manager Sarah, for some help.

The truth was that Donna was nowhere near middle aged, she was just 35 years old. However, with her oversized cardigans and long skirts, Donna did look much older than her years. Her flat, sensible shoes tapped nervously against the carpeted floor as she watched the two women in front of her struggle to accommodate her request.

‘Oh I think we’ve found something’ said the older of the women. She looked like a manager with her brisk authority and no nonsense smile. ‘It’s on a lovely island in Europe and…’ ‘I’ll take it’ snapped Donna, cutting her off dead. ‘I think you should know…,’ replied the manager, ‘I said that I’ll take it’ snapped Donna absentmindedly.

Had she not been thinking about the moment she returned home to collect some forgotten papers and found Charles in bed with the neighbour’s daughter, Fifi. She would have seen the knowing smirk on the face of the manager Sarah and a small giggle escape from the lips of the Travel Agent. However, all she could think about was the way the papers fell from her hand as Fifi looked over at Donna, frozen in the doorway and smirked.

Within minutes, the holiday was booked.

Chapter Two of Looking Through The Glass – Free Erotica

As Donna felt the miles pass between herself and Charles, she began to relax. With very little time for shopping, she’d bought a few items from the airport shops and stuffed it into her hand luggage.  Without the frumpy cardigan and ankle grazing dress, she felt strange. Instead she was wearing a short summer dress and strappy sandals. All paid for with Charles’ credit card, which she’d managed to max out during the trip.

She sipped a glass of champagne and thought about her marriage to Charles. She remembered meeting him in the science lab at school all those years ago. The naïve young girl, falling head over heels for the boy with the long wavy hair and startling blue eyes. His calm, controlling manner as he measured out the ingredients soothing her nervous disposition.

Over the 20 years they had been together, they’d chosen not to have children (Charles didn’t like them) and they had kept their circle of friends small. He criticised the acquaintances she made and always found her choice of companion poor. Instead, he insisted she surround herself with friends that he chose for her. Timid wives, with watery eyes and husbands that ruled with an iron fist. Although she tried desperately not to give Charles a reason to get angry, he was often unhappy and she still had the bruises to prove it. Another reason he insisted that she remained covered up.

Donna smiled bitterly as she took another sip of the vintage champagne. Looking up, she caught the eye of the passenger next to her. ‘Are you celebrating?’ joked her neighbour, gesturing to the bottle of champagne. ‘Yes’ grinned Donna in reply, pouring another glass and handing it over. ‘I think I am’.

After a bottle of champagne and a tipsy coach ride to the hotel. Donna and Chantelle were firm friends. Having laughed at Fifi’s ridiculous name and terrible luck at being stuck with Charles, Donna felt more alive than she had been in years. As they exited the coach, she hiccupped loudly and attempted to carry her hand luggage to the check in desk. Attempting to admire the beautiful hotel lobby through a drink induced fog, she walked up to the clumsily up to the counter and smiled brightly at the Receptionist. ‘Good Afternoon’ giggled Donna, handing over her check in details.

‘Good Afternoon Mrs Jones,’ beamed the receptionist. ‘Welcome to the Nice and Naughty Swingers Resort, we hope you have an orgasmic visit. Will your husband be joining us or are you flying solo this holiday?’

There was a resounding thud as Donna’s luggage hit the floor.

Chapter Three of Looking Through The Glass – Free Erotica

After two days of coaxing, Chantelle finally persuaded Donna to leave the confines of her hotel room and venture into the pool area of the resort. ‘Come on’ she laughed, pulling Donna by her arm towards the elevator. In the red bikini she’d picked up from the airport, Donna was far leaner and more toned than she appeared on the plane. Her soft brown hair was pulled into a ponytail, highlighting her high cheekbones and pretty smile. Chantelle handed her a lipstick with a grin, ‘Here, put this on before we go down to the pool, you never know who’s around.’

Donna looked at the lipstick uneasily. Charles never allowed her to wear makeup, much preferring her to stay plain and hidden. She flicked at the lid clumsily, but wasn’t sure what she was actually meant to do with it? She glanced quickly at Chantelle who took it out of her hand and snapped off the lid. She leaned close to Donna and deftly grazed the soft paste onto Donna’s full lips. ‘Look!’ She cried, pointing towards the mirror. ‘It makes such a difference to your face.’

Donna looked at herself and Chantelle in the mirrored elevator. Chantelle was around the same age as her and had short red hair which was cropped in a pixie cut. Her blue eyes twinkled behind creamy skin and her svelte body radiated a lively confidence. As Chantelle touched up her own lipstick, her rosebud lips pouted gently before breaking into a big smile. ‘We’re here.’ She called excitedly, ‘I can’t wait for you to meet everyone!’

Chantelle raced out of the elevator and straight towards the busy pool area with Donna in hot pursuit. ‘I feel ridiculous’ thought Donna, trailing behind Chantelle who already seemed to know everyone at the resort. Chantelle took the time to introduce Donna as they made their way to their loungers. But feeling uncomfortable in Chantelle’s shadow, Donna found herself taking the lead and throwing herself uncomfortably onto a seat. From her bag, she took a large hat, a pair of sunglasses and a paperback which she used to obscure her face.

For the last two days she had been desperately trying to switch hotels to something more suitable, but the holiday company were unable to help. She could hear the Charles’ laughter as she imagined him mocking her. Who was she to think that she could survive on her own? She couldn’t even book a holiday without ending up at a Swingers Resort! Who knows what goes on at these places?

The jangle of keys from a passing lifeguard sent Donna sinking further down into the sun lounger. She looked for a bowl and clutched her room key close to her chest. ‘If anyone passes you anything’ her sister hissed down the handset the night before. ‘Do not put your key in it.’

According to her sister Emily, Charles was telling everyone that she was having a nervous breakdown and ‘resting’ at a clinic in the South. ‘He has a queue of neighbours knocking at the door with food most nights.’ She told Donna. ‘And this explains why that neighbours daughter is always there. We suspected that Charles might have bumped you off and buried you in the woods. You know how my Clive panics over any kind of scandal, especially since he’s is running for School Governor now.’ Donna supressed a grin and held the receiver away from her face.

‘Something else too.’ whispered Emily. ‘Charles says that you’ve stolen all of his money?’

Chapter Four of Looking Through The Glass – Free Erotica

The days passed quickly in a haze of sun drenched relaxation, Jackie Collins books (which she’d found in the hotel library) and cocktails. Despite her earlier misgivings, the people at the resort were so friendly and often stopped to pass the time of day. Faces became familiar and like Chantelle, it wasn’t long before she was on first-name terms with a lot of the guests at the resort. After explaining her predicament, her new friends thought it was hilarious but did not push her to join them at the resort nightclub, aptly named Fetish.

Once the nightclub opened and the guests made their way downstairs, Donna discreetly made her excuses and usually went back to her hotel room. Despite her unwillingness to explore, it didn’t stop Donna wondering exactly what went on down the dark stairs. Unable to stop herself, Donna would imagine the scene of debauchery, her hands snaking between her thighs and reaching for her clitoris. As her deft fingers stroked their way to a powerful climax, her cries of pleasure blended into the sounds which emanated from the mysterious nightclub below.


Chapter Five of Looking Through The Glass – Free Erotica

It was a few days later when Donna became convinced that she was being followed. She’d noticed him around for some time now, the mysterious stranger with a Spanish lilt and dark eyes. He stayed in the shadows, watching and waiting. He looked out of place with his cool, cream suits and open shirt amongst the swimwear and relaxed holiday makers. She tried to approach him once but he got up quickly and began to walk away, but not before attempting to conceal a piece of paper inside his hand.

He was there again after dinner, hiding in the shadows whilst she dined with her friends in the restaurant. Donna felt her heartbeat quicken as he made a note on a small pad and reached for his phone. She turned her back on the man and forced a laugh at a joke Donald was telling the group. But when she turned around the dark stranger was still there, watching intently and writing.

‘Chantelle, come here’ she hissed, beckoning her friend over. Chantelle walked over, her long legs lasting forever in the deep blue cocktail dress. ‘Who’s that man over there?’ she nodded her head in the direction of the stranger, ‘I think he’s following me’ she whispered earnestly. ‘What man?’ answered Chantelle with a laugh? ‘Is this wishful thinking?’ Donna threw her head around indignantly, ready to point out the imposter, but he had gone. In his place sat an empty chair.

A feeling of dread settled in the pit of her stomach. ‘I must have dreamt it’ she said distractedly, giving a wan smile to Chantelle who suddenly looked concerned at Donna’s grave expression. ‘Donna, do you think Charles is looking for you?’ She asked in a whisper, ‘it could be a Private Investigator’

Donna’s face was grim. ‘I don’t think Charles is looking for me’ she replied. ‘But he is looking for something….’ She looked at Chantelle, her grey eyes suddenly deadly serious. ‘Chantelle, I need your help….’

Chapter Six of Looking Through The Glass – Free Erotica

Shaking with nerves, but resolute. Donna applied the lipstick (with an expert hand, after some lessons from Chantelle) and climbed into the figure hugging dress. In a borrowed pair of stiletto heels, she swayed around the hotel room perfecting a sensual strut that would get the results that she was hoping for tonight.

She looked at her suitcase, packed and ready to go and despite herself, she felt sad to leave the resort which was beginning to feel like home. She knew that she couldn’t stay, Charles could never find her. Not after what she’d done, her sister was right to worry as Donna truly believed that Charles would kill her one day. The affair with Fifi, was simply speeding up the inevitable.

Donna took one last look at the room, and began to walk down the stairs towards Fetish. All she needed was Chantelle to play her part and Donna would be free from Charles forever. She took a deep breath and opened the door, it was show time!

Chapter Seven of Looking Through The Glass – Free Erotica

As she entered the club, the first thing that caught her eye was an incredible display of glass sex toys over by the lights. The light bounced off the toys creating a haze of beautiful colours, similar to the effect created by a diamond. Donna smiled at the irony and twisted the engagement ring she still wore on her left hand, Charles always loved his diamonds.

Donna made her way over to the bar and ordered a champagne cocktail. She swore that she wouldn’t drink tonight but desperately needed something to calm her nerves whilst she waited for the others. She knew that some of the men found her quite mysterious and her presence here would attract attention. However, after hearing her plight all her friends had stepped forward and promised faithfully to help with the plan, absolutely nothing could go wrong tonight and she needed to be left alone.

As Donna sipped her cocktail, she watched the floor which was alive with sexual tension and dancing. Coupled gyrated, their bodies rubbing closely together as they moved in unison to the music. Donna had never been in a nightclub before and watched the people enjoying themselves wistfully. She was also looking for him. She knew that he would be somewhere, watching and waiting in the shadows.

It wasn’t long before he appeared, his lean body looking tanned and dark within the confines of the nightclub. He was drinking nothing, his face fixed towards Donna as he watched her with a dark, steely gaze.

It was time.

Slowly, Donna sashayed across the club until she was standing directly in front of follower. Unable to escape, he looked up from his notepad, his fingers stopping mid-sentence. ‘What do you want?’ she asked. Her hands on her hips, he eyes never leaving his. ‘I’ve seen you following me around the resort’

His face betrayed nothing and his body was stiff and unmoving. He seemed unnatural, amongst the confines of a busy nightclub. He was too still and his aura too dark. Donna’s face softened, ‘Please’ she begged softly. ‘Are you the Police?’ she took a seat next to him the in the booth, the soft leather cool against her skin. He turned his face to meet hers, she caught the scent of musk against his skin as he leaned towards her. ‘No, I am not the Police.’ He answered, his tongue trickling over a gentle Spanish accent. ‘But I have been watching you.’ He smiled. ‘I have been offered a lot of money to bring you home to your husband.’

‘Have you been paid?’ asked Donna. Ignoring the icy fear which chewed at her insides, ‘I can pay more, I have money of my own.’ She took the stranger by the hand and began to lead him across the floor of the club. Bodies melted effortless out of the way as she led him towards the room she had discreetly reserved for them earlier. ‘I can pay more’ she promised. ‘Just hear me out’

Chapter Eight of Looking Through The Glass – Free Erotica

As they entered the room, the stranger’s eyes flickered with interest at the two women making love on the chair beside them. A gentleman stood at their feet, pleasuring himself whist he watched. Donna caught his eye and gave a discreet nod, it was Donald. As Donald’s request, one of the women reached out her hand and grabbed at his cock, taking it into her mouth whilst her partner suckled at her clitoris, making her grunt and writhe in ecstasy.

‘We could go somewhere else?’ asked Donna, noticing a gentle swell in the crotch of his trousers as they watched the scene before them. The stranger shook his head. ‘Here is fine,’ he grunted in a hushed tome. His handsome face watching the group with interest. ‘You say that you have money?’ he asked. ‘I am being paid £10,000 to bring you home alive to your husband. He says that he is very angry, but he will forgive you.’ what’s your name?’ asked Donna. ‘Manuel’ he replied gruffly, ‘Now tell me how much more you will pay me.’

At that moment Chantelle appeared in the doorway. ‘I’ve been looking for you!’ she called breezily, rushing into the room with a bucket of champagne. She threw herself down between Donna and Manuel and poured out champagne into the glasses that she held in your hands. ‘I see you’ve been making friends’ she nodded in approval. ‘I’ve packed your bags for you and hidden them in the place you asked. I’ve picked up your passport and money and stored it for you and I’ve also booked the taxi. You’re all ready for a quick getaway.’ She looked at the stranger and handed him a glass. ‘Poor Donna, she’s being followed by some weirdo bloke that her ex-husband sent over here,’ Donna tried desperately to silence Chantelle as she chatted innately, the plan leaving her lips as easily as the champagne flowed into the glasses. ‘I’m helping her to make a quick getaway. There’s no way she’d be able to sneak away with him watching her.’

The stranger looked at Donna’s horrified face and smiled. ‘In that case, we’d better keep a very close eye on you both hadn’t we?’ He took a large gulp of his drink and made himself comfortable. ‘So ladies, what are the plans for tonight?’ Chantelle put down her champagne and took Donna’s glass from her hand. ‘Tonight’ she said huskily, looking into Donna’s eyes, ‘is when we say goodbye.’

Chapter Nine of Looking Through The Glass – Free Erotica

As Manuel watched the exchange between the two women, he couldn’t believe his luck! The Englishman said that he would pay him handsomely for the return of the woman but there was no mention of her beauty or such charming friends. He drank his champagne in one large gulp and sat back to watch the women as they kissed. He had no intention of letting either of them out of his sight tonight, so he may as well enjoy the view.

His dick was already hard and they hadn’t even undressed yet, their nipples erect under tight dresses. Manuel saw the red haired girl take a glass dildo out of her bag and slip it into the bucket of ice.

He sat back and relaxed, this was going to be an interesting night.

Chapter Ten of Looking Through The Glass – Free Erotica

Donna found herself enjoying Chantelle’s kisses a lot more than she thought she would. Her soft lips and gentle tongue completely unlike any sensation she’d experienced before. Quite often, she was lucky to get a nice word out of Charles as he ‘rolled on and rolled off’ but Chantelle’s skilful tongue darted in and out of her mouth, teasing her into submission and sending waves of electricity throughout her core.

Chantelle’s hands travelled slowly through Donna’s hair and down her body, stopping at the fabric of her dress and circling her nipples. Her nipples hardened, as if in agreement and Donna felt the wetness between her legs. She gazed over at Manuel, he was smiling gently his hand stroking his hard cock and his lips slightly parted as he watched the exchange. Beside him, the earlier trio had become a twosome, with the man having slipped away whilst the women continued to pleasure each other. Sweat glistened on the bodies of the writhing women as they expertly, pleasured each other with their mouths and fingers.

‘Concentrate’ hissed Chantelle as she began to tug gently on the straps of Donna’s dress, causing it to fall to the floor. Despite the intense heat Donna shivered slightly, partly from anticipation and partly from fear as she found herself standing naked in front of her friend. Due to the time spent in the sun, Donna’s body was tanned and slim, with her legs achingly long in her stiletto heels. Thanks to the hotel beautician, her public hair was kept to a minimum and waxed, with a small strip travelling up the middle. The beautician called it a Brazilian wax, Donna called it torture.

Donna heard a small ‘whoosh’ at her feet where Chantelle’s dress fell to the floor. ‘Lie down’ instructed Chantelle, her blue eyes heavy with longing.  Obediently, Donna lowered herself down to a nearby rug and opened her legs.  ‘Not yet’ teased Chantelle as she straddled Donna’s naked body and put her hands on Donna’s breasts. Donna’s groaned with pleasure as Chantelle’s soft lips grazed Donna’s soft skin, her fingers teasing and pinching her erect nipples.

As Donna’s moaned in delight, Chantelle licked and kissed every inch of Donna’s soft, tanned skin until she found herself reaching the soft strip of hair on Donna’s pussy. With her eyes closed and groaning softly, Donna was already close to orgasm. Chantelle inched her face slowly towards the sweet juices and began to lap slowly at Donna’s clitoris, Slow, teasing licks which caused Donna to cry out in frustration and buck her hips. As Chantelle began to increase the firmness and speed of her tongue, she inserted a finger into the throbbing wetness and expertly located the G spot. As she stroked and licked in unison, Donna’s orgasmed loudly, her hands gripping the rug and her hips bucking wildly as she cried out in pleasure.

Chantelle stole a quick glance at Manuel and reached into the ice bucket. Pulling out the smooth glass dildo she’d stolen from the display stand earlier, Chantelle let the droplets fall onto Donna’s body and traced the cool glass against her skin before letting it rest on her throbbing clit. Donna let out an involuntary gasp as the cold sensation took over her body.

‘This will numb your clit a little’ said Chantelle, ‘so we have a little more fun together.’ Stealing a brief glance at Manuel, she began to circle the dildo around Donna’s clitoris, gently teasing the soft nub with the cool glass.

Letting out a soft moan, Chantelle leaned over and began to kiss Donna, her kisses hungry and passionate. Sensing her desire, Donna placed her hand between Chantelle’s legs and began to circle her swollen clitoris with her index finger. Her tongue expertly teased with soft kisses whilst Chantelle shivered with pleasure. Donna slipped her finger deeper in the sweet wetness and moved gently, her strokes light and skilful as she teased Chantelle towards ecstasy. Feeling bolder, she gently pushed Chantelle onto the floor and took her swollen nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Her head moved down towards Chantelle’s breasts and she took the nipple into her mouth, teasing lightly with a gentle suck. Chantelle began to moan and ran her fingers through Donna’s hair as she nipped and teased the firm nubs.

The buck of Chantelle’s hips manoeuvred Donna down towards a clean shaven mound where Chantelle’s pussy glistened softly, ‘she’s so wet’ thought Donna as she buried her face into the warm sensation and tasted the sweet fluid. With Chantelle guiding her gently, Donna felt her confidence grow as she expertly sucked, licked and finger fucked her friend to the edge of climax. As Chantelle began to climax, Donna slowed down, her movement frustratingly soft and light as she heard Manuel open a condom packet and approach the women.

Chapter Eleven of Looking Through The Glass – Free Erotica

As Donna looked over at Manuel, she was suitably impressed. His body was tanned and toned and his dark eyes were filled with longing. His firm cock stood proudly in front of him and he began to put on the condom. ‘Fuck her’ he ordered, taking the glass dildo back out of the ice bucket and handing it to Chantelle.

Obediently, Chantelle got on her hands and knees and Donna sat back onto the floor. She spread her legs open with wild abandon, exposing her pussy which was aching to be fucked. As Chantelle pushed the cool glass deep inside her, Donna cried out in pleasure. The glass was cool and unyielding against her G spot and as Chantelle thrust deeply within her, she felt the elation of an intense climax building slowly.

Stealing a glance she saw Manuel behind Chantelle, his handsome face twisted with rapture as he fucked her slowly. As the mutual excitement began to build, teasing thrusts began to quicken and Donna moan with pleasure. As Chantelle began to climax, the gentle thrusts of the firm glass began to intensify, taking Donna from the precipice of orgasm into wild exhilaration.  As the two women climaxed together, they heard Manuel groan loudly as he came and then hit the ground. His cock slowly deflating as he lay, slumbering deeply.

Bodies entwined and panting on the rug together, Chantelle and Donna laughed in relief. ‘It worked!’ giggled Chantelle breathlessly, ‘I slipped it in the champagne. I reckon we have around a few hours before he wakes up’. They dressed quickly, taking Manuel’s room key and wallet from his discarded trousers and leaving the club. They were met outside by Donald. His discreet exit from the room earlier unnoticed by Manuel.  ‘I’ve brought all your luggage down the stairs and booked your cab. How did you know the Private Investigator would stick around?’

‘Well, as soon as I told him that Donna was ready to leave at a moment’s notice. There was no way he could leave her alone.’ Chantelle replied matter of factly, ‘Also, I saw the way he was looking at us! We just gave him an opportunity that he couldn’t turn down.’ Donna laughed in relief. ‘Plus, the guy was an excellent shag’ Chantelle gloated, ‘it really was my pleasure.’

Chapter Twelve of Looking Through The Glass – Free Erotica

After emptying Manuel’s room of all his notes, his passport and wallet (with all identification) and the large wad of cash in the safe. Donna and Chantelle jumped into a cab and headed for the airport. With no identification and no money, it would be days before Manuel could attempt to follow her and Chantelle refused to let her leave without saying goodbye. ‘so?’ whispered Chantelle, ‘what exactly was Charles looking for, if it wasn’t you?’

‘A very large diamond’ hushed Donna, smiling wickedly. ‘I transferred all of our money into my personal account and emptied his safe. I took all the diamonds he collected illegally and the details of the people he sells them too.’

Her face became more serious as she looked earnestly at the friend, who’d risked everything to help her. ‘During the first two days that I was hiding in the hotel, I arranged to be met by some of Charles old associates. They helped me to sell all the diamonds and arranged for me to create a brand new identity. I opened a bank account in my new name in which all the money was transferred. I’m a rich woman, and Charles has nothing.’

Donna held up a large envelope. ‘Chantelle in the two weeks that I have known you, you’ve been the best friend I’ve ever had.’ Chantelle opened the envelope and saw her face staring back at her but the name read ‘Marie Wilson’. ‘Let’s start a whole new adventure together, free from Charles and full of adventure. What do you say?’

Hell yes! Screamed Chantelle, making the taxi driver jump out of his seat.

And the rest they say, is history….

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