Alison Gets Ahead PART TWO – The awakening

Alison Gets Ahead Part Two
My knees were weak as we entered the dark, busy bar. Will her arm still firmly linked Emma half dragged and half lead me into the quietest corner of the room. ‘sit down there’ she gestured towards a small corner. ‘ill get a bottle of wine, is Zinfandel okay?’ I nodded dumbly. It was a pointless gesture, she had already walked off in the direction of the bar. I removed my jacket and sat slowly down. I was filled with a heavy sense of dread and embarrassment and fidgeted nervously with my mobile as I awaited her return.
You okay?’ She asked, raising her eyebows as she plonked two larges glasses of wine on the table. ‘you look like you’ve seen a ghost…’ ‘I…er…just want to say im sorry’ I stammer meeting her eyes for the first time.
She begins to giggle and sit herself down heavily in her seat. ‘oh Alison, chill the fuck out!’ she laughs. ‘It was Sex, we all do it! Plus, you looked like you were  enjoying yourself as much as I was ’. She cackled devilishly. ‘Did you see the size of his cock? Its massive…’ I took a huge gulp of my wine and found myself nodding obediently as she chattered innately about the Partner, who she calls Don and his extraordinarily large penis. As I squirm uncomfortably I wonder how long she expects me to stay here and talk about this because I really want to leave. I am embarrassed and now I am becoming angry, I don’t want to hear about this and I want no involvement in it.
I grab my coat and stand up quickly, Emma stops abruptly and looks up at me in confusion. ‘Listen Emma,’ I say harshly. ‘I have no interest in your affairs, I wont repeat what I saw tonight but I want nothing to do with it. I’d rather progress through the company because of my hard work and perseverance instead of how many company dicks I can put in my mouth, I wish you the best of luck with your new promotion.’ I hear a stifled laugh from a nearby couple as I turn on my heel and push my way angrily through the crowd and out of the front door. I hear Emma calling my name loudly as I make my way through the busy street but I refuse to turn around hoping that she would get the message and bugger off.
All of a sudden I feel someone grab my arm roughly, I know its Emma and I try to shrug her off but she has an iron grip and she pulls me round till we end up facing each other. Her face is red and she is out of breath, her long blonde hair whips around her face in the wind and her blue eyes are flashing angrily. ‘Don’t you dare act high and mighty with me you stuck up, self righteous bitch! I got that promotion because I am clever enough to play the game. It isn’t just WHAT you know, its WHO you can fuck that gets you ahead and I love every single minute of it.’
She stares at me defiantly, I turn and try to walk away but she grabs me again and pulls me back around. Her voice has lost its angry edge but she still looks serious. ‘If you have any sense you will listen to me Alison, you can work yourself into an early grave if you like but working hard on its own doesn’t get you anywhere in this business. You have to be able to work hard AND play hard to get ahead, surely you aren’t too stupid and pig headed to realise this?’ I feel my shoulders slump and I shake my head, I know she’s right but I just don’t think I can do anything like that. Its just not me…
We walk together in silence, both deep in thought but its not uncomfortable. I have no idea where we are going but I walk with her anyway. We enter a quiet street and she stops outside a blue door with a small front garden . ‘Come on, we need a drink.’ She unlocks the door and leads me upstairs to a small flat.
The flat was small and inviting. After showing me to the living room Emma brought me a large glass of wine and sank down next to me on the comfortable brown Sofa. I take a large sip of wine and it tastes heavenly, I feel my body start to relax whilst I study my surroundings. I notice a large pile of casework on a desk across the room next to a computer and a few books but the room was sparsely furnished. In the middle of the room sat a large antique trunk with a small cloth on the top and an ashtray. As if on cue, Emma lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply. ‘You Smoke?’ She asked, I shake my head and take another large gulp of wine. I was beginning to feel warm and fuzzy, I hadn’t drank in a while and it felt good.
After two more glasses the barriers had well and truly been broken, the apologies had been made, the awkward small talk was over and we had put the office to rights. We were drunk and we were giddy, ‘Now Alison, lets get down to the point,’ said Emma trying to look serious ‘What are we going to do with you?’ She studies at me intently. ‘I am not sexy like you Emma’ I protest desperately. ‘I’ve never had a proper boyfriend, im not very good in bed – I don’t really know what to do…’ She softly puts my hair behind my ear and silences me with a kiss. Her lips are soft and her mouth tastes of wine mingled lightly with cigarettes. Her tongue darts lightly and gently around my mouth and I feel myself kissing her back. My body feels heavy with desire as she runs her soft hands through my hair and down my back. I feel myself wanting her desperately but she pulls away, a small smile on her face. We are both slightly breathless and the atmosphere is filled with electric anticipation. ‘I think you are beautiful’ she breathes ‘I knew I wanted you when I saw you in the filing room. I want you to play with yourself again, this time just for me.’ She kisses me again, this time harder.
Her fingers unbutton my blouse and I remove it quickly whilst her lips begin to move from my mouth to my neck. Her soft kisses feel like butterflies caressing my skin and I moan softly. Her mouth quickly moves to my tits and her tongue flickers around my nipples causing me to cry out in pleasure. I feel my pussy begin to throb with desire as she gently sucks and teases at my nipples till I can bear it no longer. I grab her head and lead it down to my hot wet cunt and beg her to make me come. Playfully refusing, she lifts her head and kisses me hard on the mouth again before standing to remove her dress, bra and matching black panties, she leaves her black stockings and stiletto’s on.
Play with yourself whilst I fuck you.’ She instructs whilst removing the tablecloth off her antique trunk and taking out a large vibrator. Obediently I begin to stroke my clit, my pussy is soaking wet and I am so turned on that I quickly build up to a climax. I cry out loudly as she shoves the vibrator hard into my pussy and fucks me roughly as I wank myself to an intense full body orgasm.
Without mercy, she climbs onto the sofa and straddles my face giving me a full view of her wet, pink, hairless pussy. She plays with her firm hard tits as she invites me to pleasure her with my tongue. Greedily I take her pussy in my mouth and gently lick her clit in small circular motions. I grab her firm toned ass and bring her closer to my face whilst I lap gently into the warm pink wetness. It was not what I expected and it felt nice. ‘Harder, Alison!’ She cries out. I lick her pussy harder, I feel her excitement begin to build and she begins to gyrate her hips, moaning loudly. Her pussy is wet with her juices and saliva and I use my fingers to fuck her pussy whilst she grabs her vibrator and rubs it up and down it on my clit at the same time. I lose concentration as I moan in ecstasy and she shifts into 69 position.
She passes me a large dildo and begs me to fuck her hard, I fuck her whilst she licks and fucks me simultaneously with another toy from her collection. As I take her pussy in my mouth again we cry out in unison as we continue to lick, suck and fuck each other until I succumb to an electrifying orgasm. I cannot stop myself from crying out loudly and she shows me no leniency.
Unable to stand it any longer I leap up and push her back onto the Sofa and bury my face deep into her dripping wet pussy, sucking and licking her cunt and fucking her hard with my fingers until I feel her breathing quicken and she begins to cry out. I feel her body shudder as she comes loudly, her soft moans becoming loud cries of elation and she begins to relax. We lie there together on the large brown comfortable sofa naked and out of breath but I am happier then I have felt in a long time. I feel free, like a caged animal that has been released.
I wake in the morning still on the Sofa but covered with a blanket. I’m still naked and take a minute to collect my thoughts. The whole of yesterday seems so surreal and like a dream but I feel like a different person. The house is completely empty and I see my clothes folded neatly on the table next to the computer. There is a small note on the top of them which I pick up to read.
Take the day off sick, I will cover for you. Take a look at my favourite website and get yourself some sex toys and lingerie, orgasms are addictive, the more you have the more you’ll want.
Its time for your new awakening, you know what you have to do!
Lesson Number One – In order to feel sexy, you have to look sexy. Alison you have an amazing body with beautiful curves. Show it off a bit more! Go shopping!
Great night last night, see you soon J
Em xx
To Be Continued….

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