Guest Author Alan Nonimouse – Erotic Fiction

“I’m a disaster”
He looked up at the woman straddled across his lap, a momentary bemusement crossing his
“I know it’s weird saying this right now but I want to take things slow, I don’t want to lead you on. This year has been…”
She paused.
“A disaster?” he offered, sitting forward on the sofa and kissing her passionately once more.
“Erm…yeah” she managed breathlessly a moment later.
He wished he could say that this was his most interesting second date but so far it wasn’t even that. But still…
“…Hell of a second date” he said, moving away from her now rosy red lips and gently kissing her neck, starting just below her jaw and tenderly making his way down towards her shoulder, brushing aside the collar of a loose fitting top and carefully navigating his moist tongue
around the black bra strap revealed. He felt the electricity jolt through him as he tasted her warm skin.
A low “mmm” was all she could manage in reply.


They’d met scant few days previous in an out of the way (and apparently deserted on this dreary springtime evening) pub and the sparking was evident immediately, her sultry gazes into his eyes punctuating the thankfully few lulls in conversation. She was gorgeous with bright hazelnut eyes and curled dark
auburn tresses that fell down almost randomly from her head. A freshly qualified doctor at one of the local hospitals, she more than had the smarts to match her looks too. But almost despite himself, it was her figure that he was drawn to. From the moment she’d walked through the door he’d been fixated on her amazing curves. As the saying went, they were definitely in all the right places.
Outside at night’s end she had quipped about the awkward post-date awkward ‘do they don’t they’ moment and he’d responded by doing what he’d longed to do for most of the night. Grasping her
firmly by the waist he pulled her in closer, the alluring fragrance that had been hanging in the air for hours finally filling his lungs as he took a deep breath of her in.
“They do” He said, finally pressing his lips up against hers and kissing her.
The first enquiring, tentative and soft moments swiftly faded away as she ran her tongue along the bottom of his lip and met his. Passion engulfed them, momentarily transported away from the cold, dark, empty car park and into a world of their own making, everything else fading away. His hands ran across her back and down onto her pert rear as their kisses became more frantic and all encompassing. Far too brief minutes later and he broke away, reality tumbling back toward them as he remembered himself.
“So..see you again?” He managed to mentally restrain himself from
adding ‘soon’ and administered a severe lashing from even considering ‘please?’
She looked up at him with a strikingly innocent look across her face, still seemingly caught up in the moment.
Her lips joined with his again as their frantic, excited dance began anew. She pressed her body even further into his and he could feel the lump that had, despite his best efforts, been slowly growing in the tight spaces of his jeans. She’d apparently noticed too and as one hand was busy ruffling through the hair at the back of his head, the other had forced it’s way between bodies and was slowly running up and down the length of his semi-erect cock.
This time it was her that broke the kiss but it was far more deliberate than his, her pelvis still firmly against his groin, her hand still teasing him through the material as the rest of her leant backwards.
“Most definitely” she reiterated before quickly and completely pulling away from him.
Without uttering another word she jumped into the drivers seat of her small Clio and drove away.

He let a small smile creep across his face. This was going to be fun.

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