My first attempts at erotic fiction – Mum, PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS!


My First Attempt at Erotic Fiction….. I hope you like it! Its part of a mini series so keep your eye out for the instalment!

 Alison gets ahead (Part 1)

Chapter One

 Let me introduce myself, my name is Alison Walmsley. I am 27 years old and work in the City. I have long, very unruly brown hair, large blue eyes and I would describe myself as a nice curvy size 14.

I have been told that I am attractive when I make an effort, but tend to cover myself up with plain dark outfits and wear very little make up. I am a career girl, I don’t have time for love or sex. My friends tell me that I am married to my job, perhaps they are right?

I love my job with a passion, I am a trainee Solicitor and work for a large company in Manchester City Centre. I have been there since I was sixteen and gained all my qualifications whilst I was still working. It left no time for a social life but I didn’t care, Law is my passion and I thrive on the pressure. My boss Linda is my best friend, she is also unmarried and lives to work – that’s just the way things are for Solicitors. Any that do marry never stay that way for long! Affairs are rife because we all spend so much time at the office. It’s a den of debauchery as they say! This is a practice I have never indulged in, I prefer to get the job done and keep my integrity intact.

Today I am earlier that normal, although I am not alone. I have been working on a major case and today is the day I will be getting my big promotion. My bosses were impressed with all the hard work that I’ve been putting in and the 17 hour days are about to pay off! The announcement will be made at and I simply cannot breathe with anticipation. Of course some of the other girls have applied as well but no one has put as much work and effort in as I have. I doubt that they will even be considered against me after all the work I have done. The interview and application process is clearly just a formality.

The morning drags ever so slowly as I wait for the big announcement, Linda and I keep shooting each other knowing looks and the air is heavy with anticipation. I see the usual suspects hanging around the water cooler, Slutty Emma and gang of cronies. She is the biggest slut I have ever seen, I actually caught her sucking our Senior Managers cock in the boardroom the other week and I know that she has also been sleeping with one of the Partners of the company, Linda told me.

I watch them whispering excitedly together and behaving like there is nothing to do. I tut loudly and they look over, Emma whispers something and they all giggle. I was about to shoot them a haughty look when the James, our Senior Partner’s office door opens and they quickly disperse. It was 11.05, time for my big moment!!

His walk to the front of the office seems to take forever as if he was walking in slow motion. He was an extremely good looking man in his late forties, early fifties. His blond hair was short and smart and highlighted his dazzling blue eyes. He was clad in a fitted Armani suit that showed his firm muscular frame. He was flanked by two other Partners and they all looked very serious, every muscle in my body was tense and found myself struggling to breathe.

They walked past my desk without looking at me. ‘Probably didn’t want to give the game away’ I thought. The whole office was deathly quiet as if you would hear a pin drop and every pair of eyes were drawn to the three men who were now at the front of the room. I could feel my excitement building as James cleared his throat and began to speak.

 Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who applied for the role…’ I couldn’t hear what he was saying I was just waiting for my name. ‘It was a tough decision and very difficult to make…’ he continued looking directly at me, I knew he was going to say my name, I just knew it! ‘but our choice for ………. Is Emma Roberts’. Thanks again to everyone who applied.

 Slutty Emma squealed and jumped up, the whole office began to clap politely. One of the Partners stood with James gave her a knowing look whilst she beamed directly at him. ‘she’s sleeping with him,’ I thought numbly. ‘After all the hard work I have been putting in, she got this promotion by sleeping with someone.’ I smiled and clapped politely with everyone else, but I felt the hot sting of tears begin to prick my eyes. As the hot fat tears began to fall, my face burned with humiliation.

People began to stare, I felt humiliated and embarrassed. I quickly gathered my things together and jumped up. ‘I’m not feeling well, I need to go home.’ I said to Linda and dashed past the three bewildered men and out of the door.

Chapter Two

Its been a week since Emma got promoted, I am devastated. I have been uncomfortably avoided since my very public and embarrassing breakdown and I am working late on another major case. Everyone else seems to have gone home. Another promotion is coming up and I really don’t want to be over looked again. I found myself opening a couple of extra buttons this morning in the hope that I get noticed.

As I enter the filing office I hear a muffled sound from the far corner of the room. Curiously, I creep closer towards the noise and peer through the gap of a high shelf where I can make out two figures. I edge ever closer and see Emma on her knees on the floor. I watch silently, holding my breath so they don’t notice that I am there. She is sucking the Partner’s cock furiously and he was groaning wildly. Frantically he grabs her blonde hair and drags her head forwards and backwards roughly towards him. He closes his eyes and groans loudly, e HHprotesting as she slows her pace and I see her licking and sucking his balls whilst she wanks him simultaneously.

She finally pulls away and lifts her dress quickly over her head. She is wearing nothing but a pair of black stockings and stiletto heels. Her tits are firm and round and her nipples are erect. She sits back onto the desk and parts her legs whilst burying her fingers deep into her pussy, teasing him as she fingers herself and begins to rub her clit in small circles. He stands absolutely naked, rubbing his hand up and down his large hard cock and we both stare at her entranced, she looks beautiful as she fondles and caresses herself. I hear her moan softly as he brings his face to her nipples and runs his tongue gently around them. She begins to rub her pussy harder, begging him to fuck her.

He refuses and pushes her back onto the desk. As she lies flat on her back, he lifts her legs high into the air and buries his face deep into her pussy. ‘Oh fuck!’ she gasps as he laps gently into her hot wetness. I see his head moving faster and faster and her soft moans turn to gasping cries as she reaches her orgasm.

As I watch I feel my hand lift my skirt and snake down to my panties as if it has a life of its own, my breath becomes heavier and I feel myself touching my hot wet clit. As if possessed, I lean against the wall and continue watching them as my other hand slips into my bra and caresses my nipple. I gasp quietly as a pleasurable shock of electric shoots through my body. My legs become weak and I sink lower again the wall as my caresses become faster and harder. My breathing becomes heavier and I gasp silently as the climax begins to quickly build. I shove my hand hard into my mouth to stifle my screams as an intense orgasm courses through my body. I shove my fingers hard into my pussy and fuck myself to make it last longer. As the waves of pleasure begin to diminish I sink further against the wall, out of breath and completely exhausted. My breathing is still heavy but I am unable to move. They still haven’t noticed me there.

Emma stands and the Partner bends her over, he thrusts his large hard cock into her and begins to fuck her roughly from behind. I hear a slight buzzing sound as she rubs a bullet back and forth quickly against her pussy, crying out in pleasure as he roughly pounds her body and fondles her tits. She begins to cry out loudly as she reaches another climax, her knees appear to weaken and he grabs her hair as his movements become more frantic. ‘Fuck!’ he yells as he begins to come, ‘oh fuck!’ he gasps loudly as he comes his body beginning to shudder. His whole body becomes tense and he later relaxes.

I squeeze myself further into the shelf as they dress and get ready to leave, I hope and pray that they don’t discover me watching. I feel embarrassed and ashamed that I didn’t leave earlier. They chat as they dress and I hear Emma giggle softly, they walk past me as they leave completely unaware of my presence…

I wait a few minutes before leaving the room, quickly I dash to my desk. I just want to get out of here and go home. Imagine if they had caught me masturbating whilst they had sex? I have never done anything like that before and I am incredibly embarrassed. With record timing I gather my things and race towards the front door and outside.

As I reach the cool fresh air outside I see Emma at the bottom of the steps smoking a cigarette. She is alone, I put my head down as I walk past her. I can feel my face burning as she stares at me intently. ‘Hi Alison!’ she calls out. ‘Erm Hello…’ I reply meekly as I continue to race past. ‘I know you saw me Alison. You and I need to talktonight.’ She links her arm in mine and steers me towards the pub across the busy road. ‘oh god, oh god oh god!’ I panic as we enter the pub. What on earth is she going to say?

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  1. LOL Sexy Sweepstakes 🙂

    I really enjoyed reading this and excitedly look forward to your next chapter ….i’m dying to know what Emma has to say!

    Well done on your first attempt 🙂

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