Create The Ultimate Sex Toy and Win a Free We-Vibe Tango Worth £49.99 From Voluptasse


Thanks to the lovely guys at We-Vibe for giving me an amazing We-Vibe Tango for this month’s Voluptasse competition. Because We-Vibe are one of the world’s most forward thinking designers and manufacturers of sex toys I thought it would be a great idea to ask all entrants to create their own ultimate sex toy.

The Competition

The competition asks for all entrants to create their ultimate sex toy and email their creations to There are no rules to creation and your sex toy can be as wild, as wacky and as unique as you like.

Your ultimate sex toy must have its own name and a list of functions and entries can be accompanied by a drawing or diagram, although this is not mandatory.

All entries must be sent by the 30th May 2015 and a winner will be chosen by myself and announced on the 31st May 2015 at 9.00pm.

Follow Voluptasse on Twitter where we’ll be tweeting some of our favourite entries to our followers and on Facebook where we’ll be sharing your entries on our page.


For more information about the Tango from We-Vibe, take a look at my review

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