Micro Erotic Poetry Competition – Win £35 to spend at Voluptasse

Welcome to the age of the Micro Poet! Having read some amazing Micro Poetry on Twitter this week I was inspired to ask our followers to join in the fun!

Win £35.00 to spend on anything from the Voluptasse website by commenting underneath this post with your fabulous Erotic poetry. There is only one catch…..

Your poem must be no more than 140 characters long for you to enter. There are no limits to the amount of entries you can make but all poems must be a separate and new poem to qualify.

Entries will not be accepted after the 31st October 2013 and our winner will be chosen on Monday 4th November. The winner will receive a discount code that can be used on the website against the item of their choice.

Good luck! 

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  1. I know I’m too late to win the prize, but fancied the challenge anyways.

    “A mind at ease puts a smile on one’s face, but sex can do it better, my wife writes the most amazing erotica, that will always get you wetter”

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