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For those who’ve experienced a powerful blended orgasm, the chances are that you own a rabbit vibrator. Rabbit vibrators stimulate both the G Spot and the clitoris to create an impressive, full body orgasm. A few weeks ago, I was thrilled to receive an email from the lovely guys at LELO asking if they could send their newest rabbit vibrator in return for an honest and unbiased review.

The reason you’re reading this now is because I happily accepted.

You can pick up the Ina Wave from LELO Ina Wave for an unbelievable £96.75 which is almost £30 cheaper than other mainstream retailers. This may seem quite expensive but for a luxury LELO vibrator, this is an excellent price.

As always, the LELO Ina Wave arrived from LELO in plain packaging and very quickly after they agreed to ship the product. The vibrator came in a beautiful gift box which contained a satin storage pouch, a mains charger and sachet of water-based lubricant.

The LELO Ina Wave also comes with a set of full instructions and a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

First Impression

The LELO Ina Wave looks just like a standard rabbit style vibrator and has a vibrating arm in addition to a longer shaft. The shaft thickens at the top to create the feeling of ‘fullness’ before finishing at an angled tip. The whole unit measures 8 inches in length and 5 inches of this is insertable. The widest part of the shaft measures 4.5 inches in circumference so it isn’t too ‘girthy’ and sized perfectly for a beginner.

Because the LELO Ina Wave is made from silicone, it’s completely body safe and is designed to last for a substantial amount of time. However, to keep your LELO Ina Wave in tip top condition I would recommend investing in a water-based lubricant like GiveLube to prevent any damage to the vibrator. Silicone toys also have a tendency to drag against your delicate skin without lubricant so it’s very important to invest in some.


Charging the LELO Ina Wave couldn’t be easier. Plug the charger into the base of the unit and a flashing light indicates that the Wave is charging. LELO recommends that you charge the product for at least 2 hours to get the best performance. I left it overnight to give the Wave a really good initial charge before use.

Each 2 hour charge gives approximately 2 hours of play time and 90 days’ worth of standby. Once the LELO light stops pulsing, this indicates that the Wave is fully charged and ready for play.

Travel Lock

Like most LELO products, the LELO Ina Wave is travel friendly and equipped with a handy travel lock feature. To activate the travel lock, press the + and – buttons together for 3 seconds. This prevents the Wave from being switched on.

Press the same buttons for another 3 seconds to remove this feature.

Getting Started

I was really excited by the LELO Ina Wave because I was desperate to try out the innovative new WaveMotion Technology. For those who haven’t heard of this, WaveMotion mimics the ‘come hither’ finger stroke that provides G Spot stimulation during foreplay. LELO promises WaveMotion combined with clitoral stimulation, creates ‘the orgasm to end all orgasms’ and for that reason alone, I can’t wait to get started!

The Wave is really easy to switch on and off, just press the large circular button in the middle of the control panel. If your LELO Ina Wave doesn’t switch on straight away, check that you haven’t accidentally activated the travel lock feature and try again.

To scroll through the settings, press is the UP or DOWN arrows to change setting and increase the intensity by pressing the + or – buttons. I found the control panel really easy to navigate whilst using the Wave and switching between settings was a breeze.


Everything about the LELO Ina Wave screams ‘ORGASM’, from the 10 sensational settings to the WaveMotion shaft as it promises to stroke you to a knee-trembling climax. However, it was a disappointing experience for me.

There are 10 different settings to choose from including the WaveMotion and you can customise the level of intensity of each setting. I thought this was great, the vibrator offered a great variety and I enjoyed experimenting with the different modes. However, I just wasn’t blown away by it.

Once inserted, it’s quite difficult to feel the WaveMotion against the G Spot and it tends to drag the clitoral arm towards my body instead of stimulating the inner hotspots. This makes a lovely clitoral stroke but wasn’t enough to create a blended orgasm for me.

The high intensity setting achieved a better orgasm but the rabbit remains static instead of moving. I also enjoyed one of the LOW to HIGH vibration settings where the clitoral arm delivers a firm stroke in addition to the vibration. Like most products with a lot of componants, experimentation is the key.

One of the good things about the LELO Ina Wave is that it has a memory feature, so once you switch it off, it remembers your favourite setting the next time you use it.

Also, the LELO Ina Wave isn’t as silent as other LELO products when on the highest settings. You’d still be safe to use it under the duvet or in the shower but it certainly isn’t whisper quiet like you would expect. I wasn’t put off by this, but I feel it should be mentioned for anyone thinking of buying one.

You can also enjoy the LELO Ina Wave into the bath or shower as its completely waterproof. I took it into the bath and found that the silicone warms nicely under the water and the unit works perfectly when submerged.

After use, I washed it with soap and water and left it to dry naturally. It fits perfectly into the luxury satin pouch and sits comfortably in my naughty toy drawer. Well that was until my friend’s daughter brought it into the kitchen in the middle of my six year old twins birthday party. She’d been looking through the drawers and wanted to know what it was… eek!



I’m not in love with the LELO Ina Wave and it’s a product that just didn’t really suit me, despite my best efforts. It has some excellent features and lots of different settings to play with, but I was left feeling disapointed due to the lacklustre ‘wave’.



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