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This isn’t a new one, I have shared this on my Facebook page before. However, it is a great one and as it’s one of my closest friends I thought I’d rub a little salt into her already painful wounds. Here goes –

My boyfriend and I were visiting friends when we got lost and were forced to park up on a quiet country lane for the night. These were the days before mobile phones and as it was dark we decided to sleep in the car. We had a few drinks together to ease the situation whilst we waited. Unfortunately, we ended up completely drunk and eventually passed out.

In the morning I was awoken by a strange tapping noise, there was something over my face and my body was disjointed I couldn’t breathe properly and my whole body ached.

As I began to come around I realised that I was upside down and pressing against the steering wheel. My knickers were on the floor and my skirt was over my face which was also buried in my boyfriends crotch. In our drunken state we had fallen asleep during some sort of attempt at a 69 position in the car. My bare bottom was waving in the air for all to see.

The tapping on the window was an elderly dog walker trying to wake us up. We untangled ourselves and hurriedly signalled that we were okay and he could leave. To our absolute horror, we realised we’d parked directly across from a school. We dressed in record time, absolutely mortified but the car wouldn’t start.  We’d flattened the battery with the radio and interior light during the night.

In order to get going again, I had to get out of the car and push it along  the lane until it started up again, with my face down and hot with embarrassment.

I will never live it down, ever!

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