Funny Embarrassing Stories – A Knock Out


Funny Embarrassing Stories – A Knock Out

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Funny Embarrassing Stories

I was having sex with my girlfriend and things were getting a little wild. I was about to climax when I felt something hit me really hard on the head and everything went grey and fuzzy. I could hear my girlfriend shouting but she seemed really far away and my thoughts were becoming confused. After a few moments, things became clearer but I had a terrible headache and a bag of frozen peas on my head.

In the throes of passion, our bumping and grinding caused a Lava Lamp on the shelf above to fall and hit me on the head, temporarily knocking me out. After a trip to accident and emergency, I was diagnosed with concussion and sent home to be nursed by my very apologetic girlfriend.

I tried to put the Lava lamp in the bin but my girlfriend wouldn’t let me, she just moved it to a much safer place.

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