Embarrassing Sex Story of the Week – Water balloon


Embarrassing Sex Story of the Week – Water balloon

Water play with a naughty twist in our Embarrassing Sex Story of the Week.

It was a hot summers day and as my 10 year old son was playing outside, my new boyfriend and I were making the best use of our time by getting a little frisky. He reached into my top drawer to open a condom and found that the full box was missing. Feeling confused, we began to look around the bedroom as we’d bought some earlier that week.

After a few minutes later,  I could hear screams of laughter outside the bedroom window. We looked outside and gasped in horror as we saw my son filling suspiciously shaped ‘water balloons’ and chasing around the local teenagers who were doubled over with hysterical laughter.

My boyfriend and I spent the next five minutes arguing over who was going to go outside rescue the condoms from my son, who had no idea  what they were. I drew the short straw and had to walk outside, take the bucket and the condoms in front of them all and tell my devastated child that it was time to go inside.

I can’t still hear the heckling of those teenagers to this day… usually whenever I leave the house and have to walk past them on my way to the local shops.

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