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Best Erotic Journalist

With the 2016 ETO award nominations now open, you may be looking around the industry and wondering where to place your hard earned votes. With so much competition in the Best Erotic Journalist category, it’s going to be difficult to choose your favourite writer to nominate. However, i’d like to take the opportunity to ask you to vote for Voluptasse this year.

Why should I vote for Voluptasse as Best Erotic Journalist?

Despite my blog not being the most prolific, like most other erotic journalists there is a lot going on in the background. In addition to our own blogs, erotic writers are often ghost writing company blogs and staying on top of all industry trends. Our followers are loyal and we work tirelessly day and night, giving advice and helping with all sex toy related issues. I write for a many sex toy companies, escort agencies and even Erotic Trade Magazine themselves discussing current lingerie trends. What makes me different is the fact that I specialise in sex toys and all facets of fashion and specialist lingerie too. This is great for someone who needs an industry writer, as well as a writer for a more mainsteam audience.

In addition to industry writing, I am co-hosting the ETO BlogSpot with other industry writers Cara Sutra and Horny Geek Girl. This involves providing a place for Bloggers to network, relax and gather information at the trade show. For retailers visiting Blogspot, they have a place to ask questions about copywriting and using bloggers to help their business grow, so it’s a valuable resource.

When choosing your nomination for best erotic journalist, i’d love you to consider Voluptasse because like most of you, I am a small business who needs a little boost in morale and confidence. I work very hard, I love my job and it would be amazing to get your nomination this year.

How do I vote for the Best Erotic Journalist?

To vote for Voluptasse as Best Erotic Journalist at this years ETO awards, you have to be in the erotic trade. These awards are not for members of the public. If you are in the erotic trade, sign up and complete the online nomination form. If you’d like to choose Voluptasse, pop my name into the category for Best Erotic Journalist.

Thank you and good luck everyone!

PS. Follow the link above to cast your votes, not the contact form below! 



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