Review of Master Fus Takeaway in Blackburn


I am a huge fan of salt and pepper munchy boxes, but for some reason I have been struggling to find a Chinese takeaway in Blackburn who provides them. I scoured the Just Eat App and couldn’t find one anywhere. That was until someone recommended using a different takeaway platform. After downloading an app called BigFoodie, I spotted Master Fus and quickly placed my order. Bigfoodie said that it would arrive within 45 minutes.  For anyone hoping to use Master Fus takeaway, you can order online using their website too. They are a small family run business located on Bolton Road in Blackburn. They offer a number of Chinese and oriental meals in addition to their popular munchy boxes.

Master Fus

After 90 minutes of waiting, I tried to contact Master Fus to ask the whereabouts of our food. However, the line was engaged. I contacted the app who explained that someone at the restaurant was accidentally accepting orders for 45 minutes but waiting times were around 2 hours because they were so busy, so we continued to wait…

After two hours of waiting we finally managed to get through the takeaway and spoke to a very apologetic young lady. She explained that they had been incredibly busy and apologised profusely for our delayed order. She promised that it would be about 20 minutes.

Finally, after two hours and forty minute we received our food. We had ordered the 12 inch salt and pepper box which consisted of salt and pepper shredded chicken, salt and pepper chicken balls, noodles, salt and pepper chips, fried rice, curry sauce and two cans of fizzy pop. The food was piping hot and absolutely delicious. Despite our irritation with the long wait, we were happy with the food that we received and understood that takeaways were experiencing an unprecedented demand due to the current lockdown.

We would order from Master Fus again but not on a Saturday night when demand for their services appears to be much higher. Their 12 inch munchy box is one of the best ones that I have had in Blackburn and at £16.00 per box and drinks, it is really good value for money because you get so much. My advice would be to pre order from the restaurant to try and beat demand or to keep this particular treat for a weekday teatime. For those who don’t mind waiting, you won’t be disappointed!

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