Shopping for a Valentines Gift on a Budget


With Valentine’s Day, you either love it or hate it. Some say it’s nothing but a money making machine, designed to send panicked partners into a cold sweat over valentines gifts, cards and fluffy teddy bears. Others, argue that it is the one day of the year when you can focus on your partner and show them how much you love them.  I fall into the second category; I absolutely love Valentine’s Day but I simply can’t afford it. It couldn’t come at a worse time of year. After all, I’m just getting over Christmas!

For those celebrating a budget Valentine’s Day, just like me. Here are a few ideas to help you in your mission to present your loved one with great valentines gifts on the 14th February without breaking the bank.

Let’s get started!

Make something for your partner this Valentine’s Day

They say that home-made cards and presents are the best. Obviously ‘they’ never saw my home-made masturbation sleeve. My partner wasn’t impressed with my efforts, but hopefully you’ll have the skills to create something that your partner will love. If you’re struggling for ideas, take a look at Pinterest for some great Valentines gift projects.

Create a mix CD of love songs for your partner

If you’re a child of the 80’s like I was, there was no greater feeling than receiving a mix tape from your crush with a collection of stilted, crackly love songs with a combined voiceover from the man of your dreams. Knowing that someone had spent hours, choosing and recording the tape was an incredible feeling. These days, it’s so much simpler to create a mix CD but it still gets a great response. Go to ITunes, create a playlist and burn to CD to create it.

Spend some time choosing the perfect collection and your partner will cherish it. Just remember, no cheating… Remember what happened to Chandler and Monica in Friends?

Write a naughty story or fantasy for your partner this Valentine’s Day

Writing isn’t a skill which comes easily for a lot of people, but writing about something which excites you makes it a whole lot easier. Sit down and think about the perfect evening with your partner. Would it involve being tied up or would you prefer to take charge. Create the scenario in your head and put it down on paper. Present the fantasy to your partner in a box containing a selection of the items in the fantasy, a glass of wine and a willing smile…

Tip: Check out some free erotica on the Frolicka website to help you get started.

Cook a romantic dinner for your partner as a Valentines Gift

Set the table properly and light the candles, buy a nice bottle of wine and cook your partners favourite meal. Play some relaxing music in the background to set the mood and prepare for a lovely evening together. If you have kids, ask a trusted adult to babysit whilst you have some much needed grown up time together.

Tip: If you aren’t much of a cook Marks and Spencers have a lovely meal for two deal for £10. Simply warm it up and serve it up. Easy!

Take a romantic walk together

There’s something lovely about spending time together as a couple, but I do feel that ‘quality’ time as a couple has been eroded with the distraction on modern technology and social media. Therefore, grab your woolly hats, gloves and umbrella and leave the phone at home. Step out into the crisp evening air and take a walk together. Hold hands, chat and even take a trip down memory lane. With no phone calls to interrupt, no selfies to take and no status to upload, you’ll enjoy an evening which is just about the two of you.

Spend the day in bed having sex this Valentine’s Day

Book the day off work or call in sick and send the kids to school. This gives you at least six hours in which to lie naked in bed, stuffing yourselves with junk food and having as much sex as you like. You’ll have so much more energy than you do at night time and it’s a wonderful way to spend the day together. Better still, it costs nothing – apart from your job if your boss finds out you pulled a sickie… book in advance!

Shop smarter with an online sex toy comparison site

If you do want to purchase something for your partner but you have a strict budget to stick to, comparison websites are a goldmine for shoppers. At Frolicka, the UK’s only sex toy comparison website, you can compare prices from some of the UK’s leading sex toy retailers. With adult stores such as LoveHoney, Bondara, Ann Summers and Sex Shop 365 under scrutiny, you’ll always get an amazing deal and some great Valentines gifts with Frolicka.

With some great advice about choosing the perfect sex toy for beginners and guides to help you find the perfect product, Frolicka pulls out all the stops to ensure that you have a great shopping experience, at the best possible price.

With some of the displayed retailers offering to price match all products online. I’d recommend visiting Frolicka to get the best price, contacting the sex toy retailer (try SexShop 365) and asking them to beat the deal.

Valentine’s Day just got a whole lot easier!

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