Eight Reasons To Love Fifty Shades of Grey


Eight Reasons To Love Fifty Shades of Grey

From the questionable writing style to the overbearing Christian Grey, The Fifty Shades of Grey book has always been bathed in controversy. However, in homage to the release of the February 14 Fifty Shades of Grey movie. I thought I’d spend a little time looking at some of the reasons why readers loved Fifty Shades of Grey.

Fifty Shades of Grey is pure fantasy

Need an escape? Put your feet up and read about a man who isn’t just a multi-billionaire, but he seems to do no work to earn this money. Never sit around waiting because responses are instant and if you get into trouble during a night out, he’ll be there in minutes to save the day.

He is a skilled helicopter pilot, drives top of the range cars and is the epitome of male beauty, in Ana’s own words – breath-taking. He is amazing in bed and switches from a flaccid post orgasmic haze to a rock hard erection within seconds, despite mere mortals needing a little break in between. He never suffers an ‘off day’ and brings Anastasia to a mind blowing climax with the slightest touch. Something which has never happened to me, ever.

Ana is a college senior who writes for the student newspaper. She is a pretty and unassuming virgin who whips Mr Grey into a frenzy of sexual desire. Anastasia entrances every man she meets with her natural beauty and feminine charm but wants only one man, Christian Grey.  He pursues Ana vigorously, desperate to have her under his control and completely submissive, but she has a few minor reservations – as you would!

Saying that, Anastasia shows a distinct lack of concern about this relative stranger who showers her with gifts and is desperate for her to sign a contract giving him full control of her lifestyle. This encompasses the food eats, the clothes she wears and the way she conducts herself. The story follows Anastasia’s journey with Christian, documenting her inner turmoil as she experiments with a different way of life. The scenes are racy and some aspects of the tale are enlightening.

The story doesn’t reflect the standard ‘vanilla’ lifestyle and it can be difficult to come to terms with Christian’s character flaws. However, when you’ve had a bad day at work and need something light and easy to read, Fifty Shades delivers some much needed escapism.

Women love to change a man

A woman loves to think that she can change a man, that’s a fact. Show us a mentally scarred bloke or a serial shagger and we are all over him like a rash! Part of the intrigue of the Fifty Shades Trilogy circles around whether Anastasia will embrace the Dom/sub lifestyle or whether Christian Grey will find another outlet for his need to control.

There is a brief touch upon his troubled background and problems with alcohol in the past. In the trilogy, he mentions how he felt saved by the BDSM lifestyle. Anastasia isn’t entirely comfortable with the draconian contract but is inescapably drawn to Christian. Can he find a way to compromise or is this the end for the star-crossed lovers?

Obviously, there are two more books but the ending was actually surprise. You’ll have to read it to find out though. There are no spoilers here!

A stalker getting the girl makes us all feel better about Facebook stalking our new dates – let’s be honest here.

Christian develops an unhealthy obsession with Anastasia after she interviews him for the student paper. He follows her around and turns up at her workplace, becoming irritated and possessive when she talks to a male colleague. After a night out, Ana drunk dials him but quickly terminates the call. Knowing that she is in a club with another man, Christian admits to tracking her mobile phone and spirits her away.

That’s more than slightly weird…. However, it makes us girls feel a bit better about looking at that hot guys pictures on Facebook again, right?

Fifty Shades of Grey is erotic

I love a naughty story and although Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t the naughtiest I’ve read, it contains sex scenes that got women all over the world feeling revved up and horny. Husbands reported a boost in their sex lives, there was huge Fifty Shades baby boom and the sex toy industry (myself included) saw a massive rise in the sex toys associated with the book.

Erotica is fun and I think it’s great to read something which has such a positive impact on your sex life. Well, apart from the baby boom… the kids never did my sex life any favours!

Fifty Shades of Grey helped to introduce BDSM into the mainstream market.

Whether you’re a curious Vanilla or a hard core player. Fifty Shades of Grey has made an impact on the activities you practice. I recently published an article with Segzi which discussed the legal implications of practising BDSM. British law does not recognise BDSM as a legitimate lifestyle choice. Therefore any injuries inflicted are still against the law, despite the consent of your submissive.

However, recent cases like R v Lock have shown a change in the way Juries view BDSM practice and a greater understanding of the choices made by the parties involved. The express consent made during the Fifty Shades inspired bondage game was similar to that made in earlier cases. The only difference was the attitude of the Jury. The defendant was found not guilty of all charges against him.

This is a huge boost to organisations like Informed Consent who have tirelessly for greater acceptance. This can only be a good thing can’t it? Both Doms and subs should feel free to express themselves without fear of public shaming or in some cases, imprisonment. These changes won’t take place overnight but with the shift in attitude and greater understanding the results are already starting to show.

People began to talk about sex more after Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey got the nation TALKING. Whether it was about how much they loved or hated the book, everyone was talking about it. Quiet Sally from Accounts filled us in on the time she chained her boyfriend to the radiator whilst she spanked him, leaving us open mouthed with surprise. Norma the Secretary regaled us with filthy tales from her youth and pretty soon the whole office were sharing their kinky and fascinating stories. We saw different sides to the people we spent our daily lives with and became more open and sharing as a result.

We began listening to each other and chatting about different techniques that we’d tried in the bedroom. Thus opening up a whole new universe of exploration and the realisation that experimentation was in fact, quite normal.

People began to explore their own sexuality after Fifty Shades of Grey

Selling sex toys can be a tough business, but I found a definite change of attitudes during my Filthy Shades of Play parties. Women wanted to experiment more and began to talk to each other about the products which worked for them and those that didn’t. The sale of sex toys like the infamous Ben Wa Balls which Christian inserts before spanking began to sky rocket, creating a national shortage.

Products that would normally be whispered to me or ordered over the website when the customer was alone, were confidently ordered and the perks discussed with friends. More women were ready to try something new and I received dozens of emails from happy customers giving me their product feedback.

EL James

A former Television executive and a Mother of two, EL James lived a normal, quiet life like you and I. After writing Twilight fan fiction which was posted on the Internet, the Fifty Shades Trilogy was picked up by an Australian publisher and released as an E Book. A demand for sales led to the books being released on paperback in May 2011, selling over 60 million copies and earning EL James millions of pounds.

Since the release of the subsequent books, EL James has endorsed a Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection, lingerie and even her own range of wine. A film is due for release on the 14th February 2015 and I believe that the hype will continue throughout this year.

Writing the book was life changing for EL James and it illustrates that this happen to anyone who works hard enough. As a result of EL James success, I feel inspired! She wasn’t the best writer and has never claimed to be. She was a normal woman who has created a multi-million pound brand out of something she wrote for fun.

That’s got to be worth celebrating hasn’t it?

So, despite your reservations and the controversy surrounding the themes of the book, there are several reasons why we still love Fifty Shades of Grey.

Have I missed anything out? Add you own reasons in the comment box.

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