Erotic Author Spotlight Series for Cara Sutra Featuring Me!


Thanks to Cara Sutra for featuring my Alison Gets Ahead series in your weekly Erotic Author Spotlight Series. It’s such a thrill to have my work displayed to a wider audience and a real honour to be chosen.

You can read My Erotic Author Spotlight piece here and enjoy Chapter 3 and 4 of Alison Gets Ahead by following the link.

Cara is still looking for new author submissions so if you have something that you’d like to share or you work as an Erotic author and would like an audience of up to 7,000 to read an extract of your work, please contact the with the following information.

Profile picture of you, or a picture you use on the web to represent yourself which people recognise as being linked to you (avatar)

  • Author bio (min 50 words, max 1000 words)
  • As much info about your books and erotic works as possible, including titles, links and book covers
  • Any free excerpts you can spare, whether short snippets or full stories
  • Any banners you’d like to include, with details of where the links should point
  • Absolutely anything else you’d like to add

Remember, the more information you give, the more readers your post is likely to attract – that means more people will hear about your work and want to read more of your erotica.

The Erotic Author updates are commonly shared in the erotic writing and publishing communities, furthering the visibility of your work even more and the post also remains live permanently for all readers to enjoy whenever they wish.


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