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Blackburn Book Basement

What is the Blackburn Book Basement?

The Blackburn Book Basement is a new project which seeks to help the local community to rediscover our love of reading. Through very difficult times financially and politically, our local communities are reporting increased levels of stress for people both young and old. Therefore, it is more important than ever to find ways which bring people together.

The Blackburn Book Basement are opening a series of Blackburn Book Clubs which are completely inclusive for everyone. Whatever your age, gender, ability or ethnicity, at the Blackburn Book Basement you’ll always be welcome at our book clubs. With each book group running once a month, we seek to read books which promote diversity and empower the reader.

How do I join the Blackburn Book Basement?

The Blackburn Book Basement

You can join the Blackburn Book Basement by joining our Facebook Group or emailing Melissa MacFarlane at You will be allocated a group and provided with a list of dates and a venue for your club. At present, you will need to purchase your own books. However, we are hoping that this will change if our application for funding is successful.

What are the benefits of reading?

There are lots of benefits of reading books and the Blackburn Book Basement hope that you’ll very quickly see some changes. For ease of reference, we’ve put together some of the best reasons to read a book everyday:

Reading promotes better mental health

Reading a book every day can help to keep your mind active and alert. Like a muscle, the brain needs regular exercise to keep it in tip top condition. Reading also helps to keep the brain stimulated and has been linked to the prevention of mental decline as we get older.

Reading can help to reduce stress

In 2009 a study by the University of Sussex found that just six minutes of reading a day can help to reduce stress by up to 68%. If that isn’t a good enough reason to pick up a book, I really don’t know what is!

Reading can help you connect with people

Reading a book every day is a great way to explore different worlds, thoughts and feelings. Not only can this help to improve your emotional intelligence, but it can help you to connect with other people because you’re open to lots of different conversations and viewpoints.

Reading helps to expand your vocabulary

Reading every day is a great way to expand your vocabulary because you learn lots of new words and the contexts in which they are used. The wider your vocabulary, the better you are at expressing yourself in a number of different situations such as job interviews or within your relationships. For those who use English as a second language, reading books in English can help to improve your understanding of this complex language.

Regular reading helps you to write better

Reading and writing are two separate things but they often go hand in hand. The more you read, the better your writing skills will be. Your brain will absorb lots of different writing styles and you may find that your own style of writing may improve too.

The Blackburn Book Basement

Reading helps to boost focus

As a society, we no longer stay focused on one task. We talk to friends and scroll social media at the same time. We combine household chores with business phone calls and we watch the television whilst idly scrolling the news. People have forgotten how to focus.

Reading helps you to stay focused because you have to. Without focus, you won’t be able to understand the storyline or follow the characters. With just twenty minutes of reading per day, you can help to improve your focus and boost productivity.

Books are cheap entertainment

Every time you open a book you find yourself transported into a whole new world. Sometimes these scenarios are gripping and emotive, other times they may be light and funny. Scout for great titles in charity shops or ask your friends to pass copies of books that they have enjoyed onto you. The Blackburn Book Basement group on Facebook is a place where people can give away or swap books that they have enjoyed and those with a local library can take out books free of charge.

Books can help you to sleep

We have already established that reading can help you relax and de stress. But did you know that reading helps you to fall asleep too? If you’re tired and stressed out, try curling up in bed with a good book to help you relax and switch off.

Why is reading so important?

The Blackburn Book Basement

During a time when attention spans are decreasing and stress levels are rising. It has never been more important to retrain our brains and boost creativity. For the reasons mentioned above, it is clear that regular reading is a great way to improve our overall health, wellbeing and mental stimulation.  

Recommend a good book

If you have read a brilliant book that you want to share with The Blackburn Book Basement or our followers, please don’t hesitate to follow our group page or comment on this blog post. All the recommendations will be shared on the Voluptasse social media and The Blackburn Book Basement Facebook group.

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