Getting Involved with a Transsexual Man or Woman


Getting Involved with a Transsexual Man or Woman


Dating a transgender person or having them as marriage partners is not a taboo anymore. People today are generally more open-minded than they were decades ago. However, the freedom that transgender persons supposedly have these days has not yet been fully implemented. And in the same situation are those who want to experience love with a trans person.

If you are not ready to look for a transgender partner in public places, choose the right dating site. There are specialized dating platforms that are aimed exclusively for transgender people, and those who want to get involved with them. These web sites are generally no different from common dating platforms. But certain features have been added to make the search for the perfect match easier.

Getting emotionally involved with someone who doesn’t fit the usual standards don’t necessarily differ from seeing a straight person. However, there are certain finesses you should know that can significantly affect the quality of your relationship and your bond with your trans partner.

Find Out How Your Partner Feels


In transgender people, the potential ‘problem’ can be a mismatch between someone’s biological gender and sexuality. A struggle in these people is vast. A man in the body of a woman or vice versa wants to manifest their true nature, no matter how they currently look. It is up to them to decide whether they will do something about it, i.e., whether they will reconcile their mind and body with the help of plastic surgery.

A man who strives to look like a woman, and feels like a woman, wants to be treated like a woman. But this discrepancy doesn’t have to exist always. You will see these preferences of your potential date at the very beginning of the relationship. Then, you will decide whether or not it suits you.

Also, talk to them about whether or not they will do the transition. In any case, you should support your transgender partner and go through the process together. This way, you will ‘learn’ your partner and help him, or her, adapt to change and everything that goes with it.

More about the transitioning process, learn from the link below:

Treat Transsexuals with Respect


Trans people who are still mildly discriminated and ridiculed should be treated with particular care, especially if you want to make a more profound connection with them. You should learn more about transsexuals before you even get in touch with them. Let the Internet become your source of knowledge.

The more you know about transgender people, the better you will understand them. You will realize that some situations and trials can make them feel bad about themselves. You do not want to do that to the person you want to get closer. Yes, transsexuals are a bit specific, but they are still people made of flesh and blood. They do have feelings, attitudes, and personality. Don’t treat them like an experiment.

Do not ask them questions that are out of place, or look at them like they’re freaks (especially on the first date). Be prepared for your potential lover not to give you some information right after you two met. Because of the delicate issue of their sexuality, most of them will be close and distrustful at first.

However, if you find out how your transgender date declares and feels, do not ask why they don’t do something about adjusting their feelings with their natural gender. This question is among the first ‘no-no’ topics, especially when you just met. Clarify some intimate dilemmas when the time comes.

There Are Some Limitations


Hooking up with a transgender person has many benefits, and it can be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. However, the harsh reality is that there are some limitations; not in terms of your relationship, but in terms of the environment and how people around you will react to your ‘unusual’ love.

There are facilities and places where the entrance for trans people is explicitly prohibited. Even if the owners secretly don’t want them there, they will find a way to show them. It can be a pretty embarrassing situation. And just think about how your partner will feel. Also, there are still neighborhoods where it is risky for trans people to even walk down the street. Homophobia, unfortunately, is still one of the ‘diseases’ of modern society.

In principle, this type of discrimination is one of the main reasons why the idea of ​​opening bars, restaurants, and clubs for trans people came up. Owners and managers of these places usually don’t ban cis people (those with matching birth sex and gender identity), but take care of their behavior. They care about the transgender population feeling protected and safe. And these cannot always be guaranteed in the usual places where people go out.

Be ready to ‘Fight’ the World


Through history (for more information you can check the following source), transgender people have encountered various difficulties. Those who wanted to find partners among this population were declared freaks or fetishists. They went through almost the same problems as their trans partners. So they decided to hide.

Over time, humanity started to accept sexual freedoms. Thus, love with transsexuals has become, let’s say, a common thing. These loving couples no longer have to go undercover because no one will harass and humiliate them. They have the protection of the relevant institutions, and humankind has accepted them as equal members of society. But there will always be someone who still does not look favorably on this kind of love.


You don’t have to give explanations to anyone why you haven’t found a ‘normal’ girlfriend or boyfriend, or why your sweethearts look the way they like. In certain situations, your trans lover may decide to ‘stay in the closet,’ just in case. It can prevent some unpleasant situations, but only if your partner wants it. Don’t force them to be something they aren’t so that you don’t have to face the cruel world.

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