How To Give Yourself an Orgasm


How To Give Yourself An Orgasm

How to give yourself an orgasm

Today is National Orgasm Day and to celebrate this momentous occasion, I decided to ditch the dissertation, pack away the Powerpoint presentation and dust off my sex writing skills. It’s been a while since I last wrote something for fun and where better to start than the art of self-pleasure. Please note that this post does contain affiliate links, but only to products that I would recommend.

What is an orgasm?

An orgasm is the climax of sexual pleasure that you experience during masturbation or sexual intercourse. Both men and women experience orgasms, but only 25% of women experience an orgasm during sexual intercourse alone and require some form of clitoral stimulation.

The different types of orgasm

There are many different types of orgasm for women, but for ease of reference I am going to concentrate on three. The Clitoral Orgasm, the G Spot orgasm and my favourite, the Blended Orgasm.

  • The clitoris contains over 8,000 nerve endings and a small pleasurable nub located in between the lips of the vagina. If you aren’t sure, pick up a mirror and put it between your legs and take a look. When you stroke or rub the clitoris, it can bring you to a climax very quickly. This is called a clitoral orgasm. Bullet vibrators are an ideal way to achieve a clitoral orgasm and they are discreet to store.
  • The G Spot orgasm is slightly more complicated as the G Spot is located inside the vagina. By that, I mean the part where a penis would normally penetrate. To find it, lie on your back and put a little bit of lube onto your finger. With your palms facing towards the ceiling, insert your finger into the vagina and feel for a rippled and spongy area on the vaginal wall. If you are already aroused, this does make the G Spot easier to find and you stroke it a few times, you may find your toes starting to curl. Investing in a G Spot vibrator with an angled tip is a great way to help you enjoy a G Spot orgasm.
  • The blended orgasm is a combination of both a clitoral and G spot orgasm so you get a double whammy orgasm. This type of orgasm can be achieved by stimulating the clitoris manually during penetrative sex or masturbation. This can be done using your fingers, or by investing in a dual stimulation vibrator. If you want to experience dual stimulation during sex, I’d recommend a vibrating cockring.

 How to give yourself an orgasm

Sexual arousal starts with the mind, so wait until you can truly relax and enjoy the moment. Some people prefer to ‘get straight to it’ and have a great orgasm. However, with a little preparation you can turn a great orgasm into toe curling climax.

Give yourself an orgasm by concentrating on the task in hand

We live such hectic and full lives that we forget how important it is to sit back, relax and focus on yourself. During self-pleasure, try not to think about mundane tasks or how ‘her up the street’ lost all the baby weight after having her 30th child. Take a few minutes to focus on your breathing and let your body relax. The more relaxed you become and the deeper your breaths, the stronger the orgasm.

A little solo foreplay goes a long way

Some people prefer to get straight down to it. However, taking the time to enjoy a little solo foreplay can mean the difference between a giving yourself the best orgasm ever, or just having fun. As you relax, take a few minutes to run your hands over your erogenous zones and focus on the areas that you like to be touched the most. During sexual intercourse, foreplay is really important because it helps the body prepare for sex and it helps to create a stronger orgasm. Surely, this must apply to masturbation too?

Give yourself an orgasm using my failsafe masturbation techniques

Lots of lube – Using a water-based lubricant like the LoveHoney Enjoy Lube adds a deliciously slippery sensation during both female and male masturbation. This is a high quality lube so you won’t need a lot, and because it’s water-based the gentle formula doesn’t cause any irritation afterwards.

Don’t just dive in. This might be an unfortunate choice of words, but spend a little time gently stroking the clitoris and the labia (the inner lips of the vagina) before using firmer pressure to bring yourself to an orgasm. Some prefer to stroke the clitoris in a back and forth motion. Others prefer a circular stroke in which you play around with the intensity of pressure. Different strokes for different folks, as the saying goes…

Experiment with edging to achieve a better orgasm. If you haven’t heard of edging, this is a technique for both men and women which can prolong and intensify orgasm. The technique requires that you bring yourself to the brink of orgasm before slowing down your movements, and lessening the intensity so you don’t climax, but still remain aroused. Do this until you literally can’t take another moment, and when you do orgasm it will feel incredible. This is also a great technique to help those who struggle with premature ejaculation last a little longer. After all, practice makes perfect!

Combine G Spot stimulation with Clitoral pleasure. Sexperts have been raving about the intensity of the blended orgasm for years and with good reason, it’s incredible. You can achieve this kind of orgasm with a partner during sex, if you manually stimulate the clitoris during penetration. During clitoral masturbation, slip another finger inside your vagina and manually stimulate the G Spot to achieve a blended orgasm.

If that sounds a little complicated, invest in a Rabbit Vibrator to help things along. If this is your first rabbit vibe, I would invest in something a little cheaper to experiment with and if you like blended pleasure, you can always upgrade later. I love the Jessica Rabbit G Spot vibe from LoveHoney, at just £20 it doesn’t break the bank and it’s perfect for dual stimulation.

Move around during masturbation to achieve a better climax. Think of the best sex that you ever had. Did you move around or just lie back and think of England? My money is one the first option. By moving around, you can explore a range of different angles and enjoy deeper penetration. For example, if you find a sex toy that has a suction base like the True Lover Realisitc Dildo you can stick this to any smooth surface and enjoy self-pleasure doggy style, or with you on top. For an extra thrill, combine this dildo with a vibrating cock ring and ride your way to the orgasm of your life. If you want to spice up sex with a partner, suction dildos are a great way to simulate a threesome without the complication of bringing another partner into the bedroom.

Giving yourself an orgasm require practice

Orgasms are fun, free and they make you feel good. So why are we so bogged down with them? My advice is to forget about having an orgasm during masturbation and concentrate on the things that feel good. If you like playing with your nipples, do that for a while until your body aches for you to move elsewhere. You’ll find that your hands develop a mind of their own as they travel towards the places that you want to touch and will eventually find their way to the clitoris. Even then, take some time to experiment with different strokes and levels of pressure. We are all so different that the only person who can help you achieve a great orgasm is you. It might just take a little practise.

Go forth and wank!

Happy National Orgasm Day.

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