Online Dating For Marijuana Smokers


Online Dating For Marijuana Smokers 

How Online Dating For Marijuana Smokers Looks LikeOnline dating has become rather popular and that’s a good thing. It saves a lot of people from going to tedious blind dates and being unable to leave immediately. The Internet gives you the opportunity to get to know the person at least a little bit before getting together with him or her. That will help you determine in advance whether the person would be company you would enjoy, or whether you should avoid them.

Here are a couple of more benefits of online dating that you should know about:

I have mentioned above that the key is to determine whether you will enjoy someone’s company or not. What’s the best indicator that you will have fun with someone you are meeting for the first time? In my humble opinion, it’s when you two have a lot to talk about, which, naturally, requires you to have something in common.

This idea of connecting with like-minded individuals has given birth to a lot of online dating websites and apps that are kind of specialized for joining similar groups of people together. I’m not talking only about the fact that you can find sites with nothing but Asian women. I’m talking about the fact that there are websites created to join people with the same, or similar interests.

Let me be a bit clearer. If you like to smoke pot and you would love to have someone to share a joint with, while also having some fun time together, you no longer have to be frustrated about not being able to find such a person in your circle of acquaintances. Instead, you can expand your circle by visiting websites that connect marijuana lovers for some fun time.How Online Dating For Marijuana Smokers Looks Like

How It Works

Yes, you have heard that right. There are websites specialising in facilitating dating for 420 fans and they really do make the online dating scene much better for pot lovers. There’s no risk of going out on a blind date with a person and realising half way through the night that they actually don’t like marijuana, nor people who smoke it. That would be embarrassing, huh?

With these types of websites, you can be sure that no such thing will happen. You are connecting with a specific group of people, and that’s a group you belong to. That guarantees that you will have something to talk about with the person you choose, but it also provides more chances for success when dating, sex, and relationships are in question. Let us see what you, as a pot lover, need to do when you find a website like this.


Unsurprisingly, the first thing you will need to do is register. This usually doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Once you have done that, you will gain access to a big database of users looking to meet up for a smoke and much more. Don’t forget that the focus is still on sex and relationships, even though the site features all pot lovers.

Start Chatting

Once you have registered, you should find some interesting people to start chatting with. As I have already said, don’t forget that the focus is on sex and relationships, so you should check out some profiles to see who would be a good fit for you. Whether you are looking for something serious or not, the other person’s preferences matter a lot and you should try to find someone who shares your interests. As you can read here, that’s very important.

One thing I need to mention is that it is perfectly okay if you just want to chat with other people for a while without actually agreeing to meet. You do need, however, to be open about that, so that the other person knows what you want. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of people like that on these sites.

Meet & More

When you feel ready, you should ask the person you have been talking to whether they would like to meet. Make sure to stay safe and protected and at least let your friends know where you are going that night, or day. If everything goes smoothly, you and the person of your interest can meet up, share some pot and let one thing lead to another.

*Please note – Voluptasse does not advocate for smoking marijuana. These views are the views of the writer.*

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