Spice Up Your Relationship Using Nuru Massage


Spice Up Your Relationship Using Nuru Massage


Nuru Massage

What is Nuru Massage?

For those who haven’t heard of it, the word Nuru means ‘slippery’ in Japanese. A Nuru massage is an erotic massage technique that requires full bodily contact between both partners. The masseuse glides against their partner’s skin using a combination of thick massage gel and their naked body, to awaken the senses, and on some occasions, bring their partner to orgasm.

Because Nuru massage is performed without penetration, it’s perfect for couples who want explore and pleasure their partner, without having full intercourse.

Preparing to Give a Nuru Massage

Before performing a Nuru Massage, it’s important to be prepared and communicate with your partner. By discussing the massage and the outcome you hope to achieve there are no surprises, leaving you free to completely relax and enjoy the sensory pleasures.

Purchase the relevant products. You can get a full Nuru massage kit from Wet which includes the massage gel and an authentic massage sheet which doesn’t absorb the slippery oil. If you don’t have these items to hand, use a plastic sheet to cover the bedding and a thick massage oil.

Conduct some research and read around Nuru massage so you can get to grips with the techniques used. There are some great videos on YouTube that show how Nuru massage is performed, and the different techniques used.

Before your lover arrives, light some candles and put on sensual relaxing music. Keep a bowl of warm water by the bed and submerge the bottle of oil into the water with the lid firmly closed. This helps to heat the gel so it’s lovely and warm when applied. Next, put the massage sheet onto the bed and turn up the heating to warm the room.

Once you have everything you need, prepare yourself by putting up your hair and enjoying a nice warm shower together. If you’re the masseuse, take you time to properly relax your partner by gently soaping them and rinsing them off. Afterwards, dry lightly with a soft towel and get ready to begin Nuru massage.

How to Give a Nuru Massage

Begin by softly applying the massage gel to your body, and later your partners. Invite your partner to watch as you apply the slippery gel to your body, taking your time to drizzle the oil invitingly onto your skin before turning your attention to them.

Ask your partner to lie down on the bed with their face down. Sit astride their body and ask them to relax and close their eyes. Nuru Massage is a sensory experience so they need to focus on the sensations, rather than visual stimulation.

As you apply the gel, use your hands to explore their body, using the sense of touch to gently spread the gel across their skin. Progress to forearms and use those to gently knead their tired, aching muscles. As your confidence begins to build, grind your pelvis and buttocks seductively to gently massage your partner or lean forward and use your body and breasts.

Take your time to relax and enjoy the massage before turning your partner over to face you. This type erotic massage is supposed to be fun and relaxed, so it’s okay to have a little giggle.

Once you turn your partner over to face to face, ask them to keep their eyes closed whilst things really start to hot up. That way, you can focus on the massage itself whilst building up the delicious anticipation. With erotic massage, the focus is on the journey to sensual pleasure rather than the end result – so just relax and enjoy!

Book a Professional Nuru Massage

For those interested in exploring Nuru massage using a professional Nuru masseuse, Tantric Tingles is highly respected erotic massage agency based in London. At their discreet London massage parlour, Tantric Tingles offer sensual body to body massage using a small selection of highly trained and professional masseuses.

For more information, or to book an erotic massage with Tantric Tingles, check out their website or use the online booking form to book your massage.

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