What is the Definition of PSE


The Definition of PSE

For those of us who love pornography, we dream of re-enacting the scenes from our favourite porn films in the comfort of our own homes, or even a luxury hotel room with a selection of adventurous Sydney escorts. In order to get exactly what you want in the bedroom with a sexy escort, it’s important to learn the lingo.

We all know that sex for money is illegal in most countries. However, during a date with a sexy escort, when a mutual attraction occurs it often leads towards the bedroom. Just the same as any other date, except for one thing- you call the shots!

Learning the definition of PSE is the difference between great sex with an adventurous escort, and incredible sex with the porn star you’ve been dreaming of.

Interested? I thought so…

The Definition of PSE

The definition of PSE, is the Porn Star Experience. This means that you’d like the escort to behave in a certain way. Those of us who regularly enjoy porn will notice that porn stars are much kinkier in the bedroom and more adventurous than regular couples. Porn Star sex is much louder than conventional sex and may include sex in more acrobatic positions. For those seeking the PSE, this could even involve recreating a scene from your favourite porn film.

Those fond of bondage and dress up will find that this is included in PSE, accompanied by light spanking and extreme gagging, facials and anal play. This is much harder sex than that found in the Girlfriend Experience, which is a more sensual and intimate form of play between escort and client.

How do I ask an escort for the PSE?

Because the PSE requires a degree of trust between an escort and client, some escorts are understandably wary about offering this service to a new client. Contacting a reputable escort agency like Jaipur escorts and discussing your personal needs with them is a great way to start. After a conversation about your personal requirements, your chosen escort agency will put forward some suggestions and help you to choose the perfect escort for the job.

When you meet an escort at your arranged destination, the escort will be fully briefed by the escort agency and knows exactly what you require. Most escorts have seen it all before and are rarely shocked, so there is no need for embarrassment. After you have paid her for the date (but not the sex, as that is illegal!) you will have a discussion about your expectations and she will take the lead. For those who prefer dinner first, a nice dinner with a glass of wine will help you relax before the experience, but don’t drink too much as you don’t want to hinder your performance.

For those who seek the PSE condom-free, it is unlikely you will find this from any reputable escort agency. Carrying and using condoms is one of the strictest rules in escorting because it protects both client and escort from potential harm. Should you ever find yourself offered the PSE without a condom, make your excuses and leave before contacting the agency and informing them.

The definition of PSE is very wide, as you’ll know from the hundreds of thousands of porn movies available. What is enjoyable to one client, isn’t always enjoyed by someone else. Be clear in the things that you want and remember to respect your escort. Once you build up a trusting relationship, who knows what fantasies she can help you can bring to life!

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