How to Write a Love Letter


How to write a love letter

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, how do you show someone that you really love them without spending a fortune? You could peruse the sales at and pick up a saucy treat, or if you’re on a tight budget you could write a love letter to your Valentine.

Write a love letter

The digital age has killed romance

In my opinion, the digital age has completely killed romance. Thanks to dating profiles, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we know everything about our dates before we meet them! Seriously, the mystery in dating has completely disappeared. We can find out where they work, who their exes are and what mutual friends we share with just a few clicks. Not only that, day to day conversations often take place over email and text and people rarely look up from their phones, even during a date. This Valentine’s Day, I am asking everyone to go back to basics and write a letter to the person that they love this year.

For me, knowing that someone has taken the time to write a love letter would be so much nicer than receiving a gift bought from a shop. Writing a love letter is also completely free, so it’s great for those who are still trying to recover from the Christmas overspending. However, I know that writing a love letter is a daunting experience. After all, you’re laying your feelings bare for someone else to see. But, if you’re writing the letter for the right person, this could be a truly wonderful experience an it’s a gift that someone will genuinely treasure. Furthermore, if you want to write a love letter but you have no idea where to start, I have put together a few tips for you to help you write the perfect love letter.

Write a love letterIt takes time to write a love letter, don’t rush it!

This is a love letter, not a text message or a Facebook status update. Give yourself some time alone and write the letter properly. A hand written letter is lovely to receive, but if handwriting and spelling isn’t your forte, a printed draft is still very nice.

Your love letter doesn’t have to be a romantic letter

Sometimes we forget that our families and friends need a little boost every now and again. Put pen to paper and let your friends know how much they mean to you. Thank them for the little things that they do to make you smile, and tell them how much you appreciate them.

Stay true to yourself when writing a love letter

Not everyone is a natural writer, some people are better at drawing or crafting. Draw something that your Valentine will love, or create something special just for them. These are really simple ideas but trust me, they will mean a lot.

Write a love letter

Write a love letter that your Valentine will love

Is your Valentine the sentimental type? Are they funny? Think about the special memories that you’ve made together and talk about what they mean to you. Discuss your plans for the future, does it involve marriage, travel or children?

A love letter should feel as if your receiving a hug from one of the people whom you love the most. Write from the heart and say the things that you are really feeling, and certainly don’t be afraid to be soppy. Putting these feelings into a letter makes them incredibly personal and very special. Some of the most celebrated writers in the world were hopeless romantics. If you’re struggling to find a sentiment that sums up your feelings, use their words for inspiration.

Never write a love letter when you are drunk

A glass of wine in hand whilst you write is fine if it helps you to relax and write better. However, the same rules apply to writing a love letter that apply to sending a drunken text message, and that’s just don’t do it! You can normally re read a drunk text the next morning and do damage limitation. However, it is much harder to recover a letter after it has been sent and you probably won’t know what’s in the damned thing anyway.

Write your love letter and check it again the next day

I always leave any writing for 24 hours before I edit it. Looking at the letter with fresh eyes will help you to pick out any spelling mistakes, and elaborate on or remove things that you don’t like.

Write a love letter

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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