Lingerie To Suit Your Body Shape


Lingerie To Suit Your Body Shape

As the previous owner of a sex toy and lingerie website, one thing I come across a lot are bewildered customers who have bought lingerie for themselves or their other halves and feel terrible when it looks wrong. However, it can be hard to find lingerie to suit your body shape if you aren’t sure what will suit you. One gentleman in particular, bought something for his wife and felt upset because she won’t wear it. His wife says it looks awful and she doesn’t feel comfortable.

Everyone has the potential to look good in lingerie. However, to look AMAZING in lingerie buy lingerie to suit your body shape. That’s how simple it is!

How do you find lingerie to suit your body shape?

I’m not here to tell you what to buy or what to wear, that isn’t the point of the blog today. I’m simply giving advice on the things you should look out for when buying lingerie. If you like the way that something looks and you feel good, buy it. One of the most important things about finding your style is experimentation. However, there are some key features in the shape of all women which can help make the shopping experience a little easier.

With these features in mind, I decided to write a lingerie master class to help you find the perfect outfit to enhance your body shape. By the end of this article you’ll know exactly what to look for to highlight your best assets and to downplay the areas of your body that you aren’t comfortable with.

Lingerie To Suit Apple Figures (Sometimes known as the Rectangle Shape)

This week I want to focus on the APPLE shape.


Typical Apples have

  • A top half which is proportionally bigger than the bottom half with a larger bust and tummy.
  • Weight gain that always occurs around and above the waistline.
  • Slender legs and am ample bosom
  • Smaller bottoms

Apples don’t have to be overweight. Take a look at some Celebrity Apples and look at the ways their stylists help to maximise their best assets.

The Challenge for Apple Figures

The challenge for an Apple figure when buying lingerie to suit your body shape, is creating a waistline and covering areas of your body that you aren’t comfortable with. For Apples, covering those beautiful breasts and legs would be criminal, so personally I’d look at something which floats around the midriff and comes with matching panties so you can highlight your shapely pins and delicious derriere.

For example:

The Seven Til Midnight I Do Baby Doll highlights the cleavage and shows off the legs so it’s perfect for an Apple figure.

The Seven Til Midnight Flawless Satin Chemise with Lace Trim stays loose and flowing around the midsection but highlights your sexiest assets.

The Seven Til Midnight After Dark Baby Doll is fiery red with a split in the middle for something that’s a little racier but still figure enhancing. Be warned, this does expose the tummy area so it’s not for those who prefer to keep it hidden.


Another way for Apples to highlight those amazing curves is to create a waistline with a corset. A corset uses delicate boning and lace to pull the waistline inwards, creating shape and definition but staying incredibly sexy. A corset also lifts and flatters the breasts, so your best assets are fully on display.

Corsets look great both in the bedroom and for a night on the town. Combine the STM Knock Out Corset with a pair of jeans and high heels for an jaw dropping outfit.


Heels are a lingerie staple, if you want to look the part you need a really good pair. For Apples, your lovely legs are a major asset and you can show them off with most pairs of mid to high heeled shoes.

High heels create a slimmer illusion, elongate your legs and are incredibly flattering. For those who struggle to walk in a high heel, try shoes with a concealed platform like the Bettie Page Bijou Stilettos. These keep the height of the shoe but reduce the pressure on your feet and ankles.

Because of your slender ankles, you can get away with lots of detailing in your shoes and have the pick of the prettiest shoes in the shop. Perfect!


Earrings and hair accessories will draw the eye away from the tummy area and towards your fabulous sparkles. However, avoid long necklaces that travel towards your bust line as draws the eyes towards the tummy area.

Under Clothes

Waist Cinchers can be worn under clothes or over a shirt for a fashionable look both in and out of the bedroom. Pull the laces on the cincher tightly to create a waistline and accentuate your breasts.

Always invest in a good bra and have a bra fitting at least every six months (You can book with me by emailing or calling 07545810798). A good bra should lift and separate to create the appearance of a longer, slimmer torso.


Always experiment with different looks. These tips are not exhaustive and provide a handy guide to the things to look out for when choosing lingerie. However, the most effective way to finding the perfect lingerie is experimentation.

Take the time to try on your lingerie and experiment with different outfits. We are lucky enough to be born with a beautiful body, embrace it.

Next Week

Next Week we focus on lingerie to suit pear figures. If you have any questions of would like to book a personal consultation and lingerie fitting please email me at or call me on 07545810798.

Also available at Voluptasse.

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