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As part of my lingerie master class I promised that I would focus on the four main body types –Apple, Pear, Hourglass or Sporty. After covering the Apple shape in my last post this week,  this week i’m looking at lingerie to suit pear shaped figures.

As I said before, everyone can look good in lingerie but the key to feeling confident and dressing a pear shaped figure is working with the features that you already have. My job isn’t to tell you what you should and shouldn’t wear, that’s your choice. What I want to do is provide you with some helpful pointers to highlight your best assets and camouflage the areas that you are least comfortable with.

As a Pear shaped woman myself, I am well aware of the challenges faced by  those with a pear shape, particularly when it comes to finding lingerie for pear shaped women. I have a very flat chest and narrow waist but a lovely curvy bottom and wide hips. As a result I can’t wear jeans without the aid of a belt as I need a bigger size to cover my bum and I will not leave the house without a very thickly padded bra.

Pear Figures

Typical pear shaped figures have

  • A bottom half which is proportionally bigger than the top half of the body
  • Small breasts, a flat(ish) tummy and a full bottom and hips.
  • Hips that are wider than your shoulders
  • Curvy thighs


Those with a pear shape don’t have to be overweight. Think about some Celebrity Pears like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Rhianna and look at the ways they maximise their assets, pears are in very good company!

The Challenge

The challenge faced by most pear shaped women is the lack of proportion between the top and bottom half of your body. In the wrong outfit, a pear shaped figure can look ‘bottom heavy’, which isn’t great for your confidence.

The key to finding lingerie to suit a pear shaped figure is to create the illusion of balance and proportion. This is done using cleavage enhancing or padded bras, camisoles and patterned lingerie. Use vertical lines to elongate the body and highlight the top half of your figure, this draws attention discreetly away from the bottom half.

For example:

The Seven Til Midnight Paisley Pleasure Chemise

This beautiful chemise draws attention to the upper half of your body using a plunging neckline and uplifting cups but sits below the bottom so it creates a sleek and flattering A line. Discreet vertical lines elongate the upper half of your body to create the illusion of proportion.

Although there is a slight ruffle to the hem, it stays simple and classic.

The Leg Avenue Retro Blush Set

A two piece works really well on a pear shaped figure, but remember to keep the bottom half or skirt in this case, plain and one colour. Detailing should usually be kept above the waist, however because of the vertical panelling and flatting fit. The Retro Blush is a bit of a naughty rule breaker.

As you can see, the top half of this vintage inspired lingerie creates cleavage and lifts the bust whilst the bottom half slims with vertical panelling minimum detailing. Because the skirt stays above the knee it slims the bottom area and looks amazing.

A jaw dropping outfit for all the right reasons….


The Rene Rofe Mesh Halter Dress and G String

This lingerie looks great on pear shaped women because of the deep neckline, halter neck fastening and basic hemline. The wide patterning draws attention to your upper half but provides coverage for your curvaceous bottom half. The deep, wide patterning gives the illusion of proportion and like other A line chemises, the hem creates a sleek and flattering finish.


There is nothing in the rule book which says that pear shapes can’t wear corsets. Corsets look great with a pear figure particularly as they are ideal for creating a killer cleavage and proportion. A corset with vertical panelling will create the length that you need and looks gorgeous when paired with a sexy pencil skirt and heels.

A waist cincher like the Baci Corset Suede and Leather Cincher can be combined with a white shirt to balance the upper and lower halves of your body. The shirt creates a bosom and a black pencil skirt shows off your lovely bottom.

Team with heels for a sexy pre –striptease outfit.


A deep, plunging neckline works so much better for a pear body shape. This is because it elongates your body and draws attention upward. Experiment with different styles and see what works best for your body but don’t be afraid to show off your amazing cleavage.


Heels are a lingerie staple, if you want to look the part you need a really good pair. For the lovely pear shape, stick to a high heel. High heels create a slimmer illusion, elongate your legs and give you lots of height.

Avoid shoes with straps that cut off at your ankle, they break the long vertical line that you are trying to create and will make your legs look shorter. Sandals and peep toes are fine but ensure that all strappy detailing ends beneath the ankle bone.

For those who struggle to walk in a high heel, try shoes with a hidden platform like the Betty Page Dixie. These keep the height of the shoe but reduce the pressure on your feet and ankles.


Earrings and hair accessories will draw the eye away from your bottom half and up towards your fabulous accessories. Lots of colour and sparkle adds flavour to your outfit but avoid using too much, stay classic and chic, but fun.

Under Clothes

If like me, you have very small breasts (32AAA!) you can use padded underwear to create volume and shape to your upper body or cleavage enhancing bras to give a much needed boost to your figure. It’s important that you always invest in a good bra and have a bra fitting at least every six months (You can book with me by emailing or calling 07545810798).

For those conscious of any lumps and bumps, invest in shapewear to smooth your silhouette, particularly under a tight fitting skirt or trousers.


Always experiment with different looks. These tips are not exhaustive and provide a handy guide to the things to look out for when choosing lingerie. However, the most effective way to finding the perfect lingerie is experimentation.

Take the time to try on your lingerie and experiment with different outfits. We are lucky enough to be born with a beautiful body, embrace it.

Next Week

Next Week we focus on Hourglass.

If you have any questions or would like to book a personal consultation and lingerie fitting please email me at or call me on 07545810798. I cater for all your lingerie needs and will give to the opportunity to experience a professional fitting and style advice before you buy.

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For those who missed the Apple shape feature. Read it again here.

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