Zohara Tights – A New Launch at Moda 2016


Zohara Tights – A New Launch at Moda 2016

My first MODA was a revelation for any lover of lingerie this year. There were so many beautiful pieces and some incredible collections, but one collection that really stood out for me Zohara Tights launch by the lingerie wholesaler AlterEgo.

For those who haven’t heard of AlterEgo (really?), they are well known in the industry for a vast collection of top named fashion brands and some of the more risqué erotic brands too. In fact, from my experience with AlterEgo, they are the only company with a foot firmly in both camps of the erotic and mainstream lingerie trade. They are incredibly unique in that respect, but I digress…

The Launch of Zohara Tights at MODA 2016

Talking me through the Zohara Tights launch was the lovely Alan Gordon-Freeman from AlterEgo. The collection was kept slightly away from the lingerie so it stood alone, and consisted of a lovely display of art inspired printed tights. The colours were bright, the nylon was thick and the denier 120, so the tights are designed to last.

The artwork on the Zohara Tights, which is one of the main selling points of the fashion hosiery, consists of some very unique prints and designs, some of it sexy and some of it more flamboyant and fun. Looking at the catalogue I thought that there was selection to suit most individual styles and taste.

For a person on a budget, like me. I thought that the Zohara Tights were great because there is so much choice. With a great pair of fashion tights, any outfit gers a whole new lease of life and it’s a great way to update a wardbrode, without having to spend a lot of money. Zohara also has a wide selection of footless tights and even a smaller sized collection, for little girls.

With Zohara Tights, even the most ordinary outfit becomes a work of art!

Where can I order a pair of Zohara Tights?

To order your Zohara Tights catalogue, contact 0845 094 6603 to speak to Aimee at AlterEgo or check out the website and complete the online enquiry form for more information. If you’re a retailer hoping to stock Zohara Tights, contact AlterEgo for the relevant trade information.

If you’d like to contact Voluptasse, complete the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.






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