Save 40% off everything at Clonezone for the next 24 hours


CloneZone, the UK’s first Gay Superstore

For those hoping to pick up a pay day bargain, Clonezone, the UK and Europe’s first Gay superstore have just launched a brand new website. In addition to their many shops located around the UK, they are constantly on the hunt for improvement so that their customers get the fastest and most streamline shopping experience.  With this aim achieved, they decided that the next step was to include a jaw dropping special offer too. Therefore, over the next 24 hours, you can save 40% off all products on the Clonezone website.

Yes, you read it correctly and it isn’t a typo. Over the next 24 hours, you can save 40% off all products on the Clonezone website

With the UK’s largest collection of gay sex toys at your fingertips, in addition to a great selection of aromatics, gay fashions, lubricants, jock straps and fetish items, it couldn’t be easier to pick up a great product which is aimed at the gay male market.

If you’re hoping to treat a partner to something special this Valentine’s day, the huge savings you make over the next 24 hours mean that you’ll get all the brownie points and have a little left over to treat yourself.

What are you waiting for? 

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