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Sexy Maternity and Nursing Lingerie

I was really disappointed last week to receive an email from a popular maternity lingerie company refusing to to add me to their press mailing list as they didn’t think that I would suit their target market. For me, this was a ridiculous notion, firstly because the type of lingerie that I am asked about the most IS sexy maternity and nursing lingerie and secondly, because how on earth do they think their customers became pregnant in the first place, BY HAVING SEX!

I have five children and have carried a full term pregnancy four times (I had twins, stop doing maths in your head!). Each pregnancy was very different except for one thing, I never stopped wanting to feel good and I certainly never stopped having sex. In fact, I probably had more sex towards the end of the pregnancy when I was two weeks over my due date and desperately trying to start labour naturally. The only this missing was the sexy maternity and nursing lingerie which would help me to feel confident, sexy and supported before and after pregnancy.

Maternity and nursing underwear play a very important part in your overall health during pregnancy.  Before you’ve even taken a pregnancy test and felt the first wave of nausea, your body has started to change shape. Although the first signs of change are more subtle, over the coming months your maternity bra needs to be fully supportive of your growing body to prevent stretching and sagging of the breasts, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look good too. Does it?

With more retailers than ever stocking sexy maternity and nursing lingerie, this is a great time to be pregnant and remain in touch with your sexual self. After all, being pregnant doesn’t make you a nun either.

With this article, I am going to dispel some of those pesky pregnancy lingerie myths and talk about my favourite sexy maternity and nursing lingerie suppliers. For those looking to buy pregnancy lingerie to impress someone special, my top ten lingerie retailers will get your straight to the top of the naughty list this Christmas.

Should I be professionally measured for a bra during pregnancy?

Because most women tend to wear the wrong size bra anyway, I would recommend a trip to your local department store to be measured professionally as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. During the first few months of pregnancy, I would buy two professionally fitted bras and alternate between them until you need another bra fitting. This way, it helps to keep your costs low and you get the supportive underwear that you need.

How often should I be measured for a bra during pregnancy?

Check out my bra fitting guide for tips on how a bra should fit your body. If the bra becomes uncomfortable or your breasts begin to spill out of the cups. It’s time to recheck the size of bra that you require.

For those thinking of breastfeeding their baby, 36-38 weeks is the perfect time to shop for a nursing bra as your breast have done the majority of their growing at this point. Again, this is something which should be carried out by a trained bra fitter as they can estimate the correct size you’ll need when your milk comes in.

Can you wear an underwire bra during pregnancy?

I get asked this question ALL the time. According to the NHS leaflet, Breast Changes During Pregnancy, there is no evidence to support the case that an underwire bra will block the milk ducts and cause breast problems during pregnancy. On the contrary, for those with larger breasts, an underwire is needed to provide proper support for your breasts. As long as the bra fits properly, there is no reason why you should ditch the underwire.

What’s the difference between a maternity bra and a nursing bra?

A maternity bra supports the breasts during pregnancy whilst a nursing bra has extra functions to assist with breast feeding, such as a drop down cup and a retainer strap. The cup is simply unclipped to ensure that you can feed your baby without any fuss.

Where can I find a trained bra fitter to measure me during my pregnancy?

Most large department stores like Marks and Spencer’s, Debenhams and Mothercare have trained bra fitters on hand to assist. For a more personal experience, try The Bra Lady Network for a list of mobile bra fitters who live in your local area.

I was to look seductive this Christmas, where will I find sexy maternity and nursing lingerie?

A firm favourite of mine is Hot Milk, they go from an A cup to H cup so there is something to suit everyone. Plus they look great!

For the perfect Christmas gift, take a look at Mommylicious Maternity. This American company will ship their beautiful maternity lingerie anywhere in the world for just $10.

Verbaudet have a lovely collection of colourful underwired and soft cup bras for yummy mummies. With free returns, you can fit the bra yourself (using my guide) and send back the items which don’t fit.

Anita are amongst my favourite nursing bra and maternity stockists. Both the quality and the functionality of their bras are unrivalled. Their 2015/2016 collection is beautiful, stylish and very sexy.

For great choice, Figleaves has an amazing range. With all the big names in one place, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you’re shopping for Christmas lingerie, there’s currently 70% off selected items.

For lingerie that suits all sizes, Freya are bang on trend and go up to a K cup. Perfect for the pregnant fashionista, they have a great range of stock at affordable prices.

For those craving the ultimate style at a fraction of the boutique price, the Italian owned Cosabella has an incredible range of sexy maternity lingerie. With bold colours and the softest lace, you won’t just look good but you’ll feel beautiful too.

For maternity swimwear, sexy nursing bras and maternity lingerie take a look at Mumty Bumpty. They have a breath-taking range of lingerie in addition to online expertise.

Even those on a budget can enjoy incredible support with high quality maternity wear over at New Look. They have a lovely range of fun but functional maternity and nursing bras at affordable high street prices.

Shaking off the ‘mumsy’ look with an updated range and a great deal of online expertise, Mothercare also stock sexy and fun maternity lingerie and nursing bras. With in-store experts at your fingertips, this is a great place to enjoy a proper bra fitting and pick up some great advice.

Where can I get more information about breast care during and after pregnancy?

For more information about taking care of your beasts during pregnancy, contact your registered health practitioner or take a look at the NHS guide to breast changes during and after pregnancy.

If you have any immediate concerns about your health, phone 111 or speak to your Midwife. All the important telephone numbers that you need are contained in the front of your white maternity notebook.



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