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Planning a 3 year olds birthday party the day before I attended Sexhibition probably wasn’t my best idea. Nor was putting the wrong postcode in my Sat Nav, not once, but THREE times before getting there on Saturday morning.

With the screams of excited children still ringing in my ears, I parked up at the Trafford Centre in Manchester and joined Justin and Cheryl in the queue whilst we eagerly anticipated Sexhibition.  I did push in, but the people behind promised not to lynch me and were very friendly.

Getting in was surprisingly easy, a helper walked up and down the queue with Press wrist bands. She was flanked down by our group of Bloggers and we made our way to the front of the queue and straight through the doors (which made me feel a lot better about ‘pushing in’).

Curiously, the staff on the door were decidedly frosty upon entering, I smiled politely and thanked her for the leaflet she thrust as me but in return, I was treated to a steely glare. I looked at my friends in confusion and giggled as we made our way into the venue. If the staff were feeling this way at 10am it was going to be a very long day for them!

In the absence of a pamphlet or a time table of the day’s activities, I found myself relying on word of mouth for the workshops throughout the day. I thought that a few strategically placed guidance boards would have helped visitors to navigate their way around, but the venue still looked amazing.

The Sexhibition Venue

Going into the Sexhibition venue and turning left, took me into a room which looked like the exhibition for adult performers and cam girls. There were an array of beautiful women and lots of stands devoted to technology and awards. I had a lovely chat with the guys at Adult Creative who took my business card and promised to contact me if they needed a freelance adult industry copy writer. What a great start to the day!

Alix Fox

Upon leaving the room, I stumbled across the gorgeous Alix Fox comparing the first of many fashion shows that took place during the day. For me, it was Alix Fox who made the day so brilliant. Her high energy, hilarious quips and quick wit entertained the crowd for 8 hours solid with hardly any break in between. She was like a machine, and she never wavered once! It was the work of a true professional and I really enjoyed this aspect of the show.

Cara Sutra

It was at the catwalk that I bumped into Cara Sutra and slave Minnie in the first of many meetings. We chatted easily over the sound of stomping heels, swishing cloaks and the click of the cameras. It was great to see Cara again, our last get together was at the BlogSpot so it had been a while.

The catwalk shows took place throughout the whole event, with different stands utilising the space to sell their beautiful products over the 8 hour day. Interestingly enough, there was very little use of actual model-type women, with most stands opting to use women of all shapes, sizes and ages.

Whilst relaxing and enjoying the fashion shows, I saw cellulite, I saw wobbly tummies, I saw spotty botties and I even a few stretch marks. It was BRILLIANT! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. When I’m looking at lingerie or fitting it for a customer, we want to know how the item will REALLY look, not how someone who is utterly perfect would look.

I thought this set the scene for a wonderful day.

Sexhibiton was an event that was open to both the public and trade so there was the opportunity to purchase the items from the stands between workshops. I fell in love with an amazing wet look dress from Santonesse, which they promised faithfully to tell me about once it’s on their website. There was an amazing book called The Last Living Slut by Roxana Shirazi which really caught my eye too. This book details her struggle with a life in Iran and love of all things Erotic, I thought it looked like a great read.

As usual, there was the lovely guys from the Smut UK team, Victoria Blisse, Kev Blisse and Lucy Felthouse who have a very welcoming sitting area and gave me a chance to charge my phone (which is also my Sat Nav and I was worried about getting home).  There was an incredible array of prizes to be won and even some goody bags for visitors to collect. There I caught my breath and enjoyed a catch up with the lovely Anna Sky, Liv Honeywell and Cheryl Kane aka Horny Geek.

It wasn’t long before I came across (oo,er) the beautiful Hella Rude manning the ElectraStim stand. With an assortment of tingly electrical items close to hand, she soon had be signing up to the ElectraStim newsletter. After all, how could I refuse such a lovely lady!

The delightful Claire from Kinky Monkey never fails to put a smile on my face and soon, a harness around my waist as she dug out one of her wonderful creations and asked me to review it. If you’re wondering how my first harness review is going to go – watch this space!

The guys from Sheets of Sanfransisco beamed with excitement as they spoke of their pleasure at speaking with their target audience and getting lots of useful feedback about their splash-proof bed sheets. They also thanked me for my pointers at ETO which ended up with them getting a three page spread in the industries only trade magazine. Another reason that the BlogSpot was such a great success!

It wasn’t just erotic items at Sexhibition though, I had a lovely hand massage from the guys at Opatra who used minerals from the Dead Sea to give me beautiful soft skin. In addition to glowing skin, I admired erotic art and spoke to several sex toy shops who wanted to utilise my services as a copy writer, so it was a productive day all round.

At the KinkCraft  stand, they had a fascinating workshop in which people could create their own sex toys. I watched Horny Geek deftly creating a home-made flogger out of household items and it looked great. The guys at Kink Craft also received a mention in UniLad too, well done guys!

Team Smut

After a few hours on my feet, I began to feel a little tired and desperately needed somewhere to sit and take stock of the day. Unfortunately, other than the busy stage area there were very few places to sit and have a few minutes to properly relax. The eating area was very small and the bar had very few seats. Luckily, Team Smut had the seating at their lovely stand but I did feel for those walking around in heels.

Dr Sketchy

I had no idea what time the workshops were as I didn’t have a program, but when Liv Honeywell told me that she was going to watch some erotic sketching with Dr Sketchy, I decided to tag along and join in. The class itself looked amazing, an assortment of beautiful women performing and posing for life drawing afterwards.

However, from the back of the room with the absence of a microphone and the music blaring from the fashion show, I was unable to hear the instructions. After that, the sound system crashed which left a poor girl mid-strip for a few minutes whist they franticly tried to sort it out. I felt very sorry for them all, but with any event. It’s often a case of trial and error and everyone seemed to enjoy it regardless.

With a glass of wine in hand, things started looking up for Cara Sutra who’d had various difficulties throughout the day. It was great to have a chat and talk shop whilst slave Minnie waited on her hand and foot. After the show, we retreated back to the hotel where Cara kindly let me camp in her room whilst we threw off ‘work mode’ and enjoyed a proper catch up over cheeky drinks.

All too soon, it was time for me to leave. The weekend had taken it out of me and I was unable to stay for the evening’s party. Luckily, after reading the Sexhibition Goss from my friends. It was as good as being there myself. As they partied away, I went home and climbed into bed with a hot cup of tea and the other half.

I must be getting old!

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