Review of the Black Face Mask


Review of the Black Face Mask

As you can probably see from my previous posts, I’m a sucker for a good facial treatment. So, when I heard about this revolutionary black mask, I immediately went to eBay and picked up a small sample size to try out.

For those who haven’t heard of it, the Shills Black Face Mask is a mask that seems to be doing the rounds on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Users of the mask claim that this revolutionary treatment actually removes blackheads from your face and leaves your skin glowing.

Sounds good right?

What’s in the Black Face Mask?

How to apply the Black Face Mask

The Black Face Mask has the consistency of treacle, and is a little messy to put on. You have to apply it fast! The instructions recommend that you avoid the eye area, eyebrows and lips – which is pretty standard.

The instructions recommend that you leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes to allow it to set. However, I found that it took a little longer, but I had applied a thick layer of the product. I became a little worried when trying to wash the mask residue off my hands after application, I found that it had to be scrubbed off and began to worry whether this would happen to my face.


How to remove the Black Face Mask

As instructed, the mask was applied onto my whole face. However, when I posted the picture on Facebook, I was met with some mixed reviews. There was a lot of confusion as to whether you needed to apply to a problem area, or whether you applied the mask to your whole face as I had. A few people laughingly asked about the removal of the mask and informed me that it was very painful. Again, I started to feel a little worried.

With good reason….

The mask adheres itself to your skin and needs to be pulled off. I’ve used peel off face masks before without issue, but I have never experienced pain like this before! You literally have to wax your own face, and there is no relief till the whole thing is gone.

Afterwards, my skin was red for a substantial amount of time and I still had blackheads. The only consolation was that it was glowing, but that is probably understandable as I had lost fifty million layers of old skin.

Would I recommend the Black Face Mask?

I wouldn’t recommend the Black Face Mask to my friends and family. In fact, I wouldn’t even recommend it to people that I don’t like. You can get the same results from other products without having to rip off your own face.

Where can I buy the Black Face Mask?

The Black Face Mask is available from Ebay. I recommend trying a sample size before spending a substantial amount of money on this product. I paid £3.49 for this product, with the postage included.

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