Review of The Circle by Dave Eggers


Review of The Circle by Dave Eggers


The Circle by Dave Eggers


My Review of The Circle by Dave Eggars

The Circle by Dave Eggers is a book that you’ll absolutely love or hate, purely because in a world of Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Google and Instagram, it’s very close to the truth. The book begins by talking about the friendship between Mae and Annie. Their friendship spans over many years and accumulates with Mae being offered a role within The Circle, the world’s most powerful internet company. As Mae investigates the different roles that the company play in the modern world, it soon becomes apparent that The Circle expect far more than the usual 9-5 role. Social Media and online interaction are mandatory, with profiles engaging with The Circles 13,000 members of staff expected to be updated and cross referenced for hours every day.

Busy employees are also expected to attend the many social gatherings held by colleagues, with disciplinary penalties for those who choose not to attend. The meetings are friendly enough, but staff members are needy and demanding. Her colleagues can’t understand why she is missing their gatherings and Mae finds herself falling behind.

The hours devoted to keeping her role at The Circle are emotionally and physically demanding, but the role is very well paid and the perks are high. Mae is earning more than she ever dreamed possible and the company provides excellent healthcare for family members of employees. Mae’s father is desperately ill with multiple sclerosis and with the help of the company, he receives the best of healthcare. But it comes at a price… everything regarding The Circle comes at a price.

The book is very descriptive but I found that they helped to visualise the different types of technology discussed in the story. This Circle is also a story that takes a while to really get going, but it is really cleverly written. The book was written in 2013, but the writer has an amazing grasp on the different technologies adopted and the ways that they can be used. In fact, he had some really good ideas and it’s quite clear that these ideas could actually become a reality. The three people who run the company are amongst the most powerful people on earth and they have access to the records of almost every person in the world, but they want even more.

Things change rapidly for Mae when she makes a terrible mistake. After almost getting arrested one night, Mae finds The Circle questioning her integrity and loyalty to the company. Her friends become distant and even her lover Ty, is nowhere to be found. The company request that she pays a very high price to prove that she is the loyal and trustworthy employee that she claims to be, and suddenly Mae is thrust into the limelight in a move that is completely unprecedented. As her role within the company deepens, Mae begins to thrive. However, the new-found notoriety comes at the expense of everyone that she loves, and she quickly loses sight of the person that she really is. Can Mae live a life of transparency, or will she listen to her family and friends and break free from The Circle?

The Circle by Dave Eggars

The Circle kept me turning pages from beginning to end, and has since become a Hollywood Blockbuster featuring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks. The scenarios in the book do require some imagination because the technology is so advanced and occasionally farfetched. However, these themes are very current and with the transparency that we offer up today on social media, this book gave me plenty of food for thought.

I certainly enjoyed the book and I am looking forward to watching the film.

Where Can I Buy The Circle by Dave Eggars?

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