Review of the Fifty Shades Darker Movie


Review of the Fifty Shades Darker Movie


I really enjoyed the Fifty Shades of Grey film. It was far more polished than the books and much faster paced than I expected. Jamie Dornan who played Christian Grey displayed a lot more humanity than I expected from this character and brought a likability that I never expected to have for the self-confessed Dominant.

However, this was clearly a ruse to lull the viewer into a false sense of security. Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades Darker Movie is not a nice person. He is unpleasant, controlling and extremely overbearing. Anastasia, who actually had some balls in the first film was weak and whispery, which I found really annoying.  I’ve never burnt a bra in my life but I felt like ripping it off and setting it on fire during several of the scenes where she meekly agrees to his regular demands for compliance. It’s ludicrous! This kind of behaviour wasn’t acceptable in Sleeping with the Enemy so why is it acceptable now. Because he is an attractive billionaire?

The Fifty Shades Darker Movie plot stumbles from weak storyline to weak storyline and the sizzling sex scenes that we were promised are short and lacklustre. Dakota is far more naked than Jamie Dornan ever is and at one point he doesn’t even bother to undress before climbing on top of her and heaving around in an ungainly fashion. At least Fifty Shades of Grey showed a little more skin and a full bush… this film was all about the tits and very male orientated.

The important scenes where Anastasia asserts what she wants in the bedroom have been removed, the scene where she requests entry to the red room and they play pool in an attempt to equal one another – gone. The nipple clamps she wore in the Red Room – gone…. The scene where he finally trusts Anastasia enough to allow her to touch him in the ‘no go zone’… gone.

The BDSM element of the story has been watered down and replaced with romance. However, the directors have failed to appreciate the nature of Mr Greys struggle to lose his Dominant side in favour of a vanilla relationship. By removing the kink from the film they have left a lot of Christian character flaws unexplained and this does a disservice to the characters. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan play the characters well, but the weak plot and never ending simpering lets this film down a hell of a lot.

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