Review of the Great British Sexpert’s 101 Sex Tips


Review of the Great British Sexpert’s 101 Sex Tips

Review of the Great British Sexpert’s 101 Sex Tips



Reviewing something that your friend has written is a tricky experience. After all, if you don’t enjoy their work it could cause difficulties within the friendship. Luckily, for me I had no such problems with Rebecca Dakin’s The Great British Sexpert’s 101 Sex Tips. It was a pleasure to read from start to finish!

This particular book is a guide to pleasing your man and features a tongue in cheek picture of Rebecca on the front cover dressed as a fifties housewife. However, before anyone becomes offended by an apparent slight to feminism, take a minute to look inside the book and read. What appears on the face of it to be a book focused on male pleasure, is actually a brilliant guide to the art of mutual pleasure.

With a fascinating foreword from the lovely Dr Brooke Magnanti (also known as Belle De Jour!). Rebecca starts the book by discussing her years as an escort, and the way her career has developed since then. With years of experience in providing professional intimacy and the various roles she employs as the Great British Sexpert, before I’ve even read the first sex tip I’m hooked. There a lot of stigma surrounding sex workers, but Rebecca has used this to her advantage and created a career out of it.

The sex tips in The Great British Sexpert’s 101 Sex Tips

We’ve all flicked to the pages in the glossy magazines and idly read through the sex tips in the hope that we will be inspired! A lot of the time they are either impossible to carry out, make no sense or recommend positions that would leave a world famous gymnast confused.

Rebecca’s tips are written in plain English so they are easy to understand and very direct. There’s no swinging from chandeliers, no ridiculous requests and no impossible body contorting. In other words, they spoke a lot of common sense.

The tips follow a pattern in that they start by going back to basics and focusing on communication and touch. ‘Sandwiched’ between the tips are cake themed anecdotes and fun recipes. These are a nod to the indulgent pleasures of sex, and Rebecca’s love of the Great British Bake Off. I haven’t tried to bake any of these cakes yet, but I can imagine the looks on my Mothers face if I pulled out this particular cook book.

As well as fun tips, the Great British Sexpert’s 101 Sex Tips are quite educational too. The book is packed with informative hints about aphrodisiac foods and even cover ways in which swallowing semen can be made more palatable. Tip 58, which is the hand suction technique is probably one of the best sex tips that I have ever read… but you’ll have to read the book yourself if you want to know! (Seriously, thanks Rebecca!)

The final chapter of the book offers some really insightful views on sexual etiquette and covers subjects that are rarely discussed such as sex during a period, tight foreskins and fanny farts. Again, Rebecca discusses these in a light and informative way and put the science together with ways to turn these tricky situations to your advantage.

Overall, this is a really informative sex guide and an interesting read too. As a sex guide, I enjoyed the no nonsense attitude and clear instructions. Not every tip will suit every couple and I really didn’t expect them to. But with 101 different tasks to try out, there’s plenty of sex tips to keep things interesting.

Review of the Great British Sexpert’s 101 Sex Tips

Where can I buy the Great British Sexpert’s 101 Sex Tips?

You can buy the Great British Sexpert’s 101 Sex Tips direct from the Great British Sexpert website for just £12.49. In addition, you can also pick up a few little treats such as condoms and lubricants to help you along the way. For those who want to know more about Rebecca’s life as an escort, The Girlfriend experience is also available on the website.










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