Review of No-One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday by Tracy Bloom


Review of No-One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday by Tracy Bloom

I found this No-One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday by Tracy Bloom  in the Asda 3 for £10 promotion but it is available from Amazon for just £1.99 on kindle so it comes at a great price either way.

According to the blurb:

‘Childhood sweethearts Matthew and Katy agree they must never see each other again following a school reunion.

So all is forgotten … until eight months later when a shock meeting at an antenatal class forces them to confront the fact that Matthew could be the father of Katy’s baby.

Love and life are messy, but Katy and Matthew take things to a whole new level as deep emotions begin to resurface and hormones run riot.

Never has a one-night-stand led to such chaos!’

Review of No-One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday by Tracy Bloom

The story is gripping and funny from the first page, the characters are great and the plot was well thought out. If you can get over the cliché gay friend then you’ve pretty much cracked it and it’s a really good read.

With Katy trying to keep up with a much younger boyfriend Ben, who has no idea about the one night stand and the possibility that he isn’t the Father, freaking out about impending Motherhood and trying desperately to ignore the fact that she’s going to have a baby which may be her married ex-boyfriends – there’s a lot going on.

Matthew, despite the fact that his marriage to Alison has gone stale is guilt ridden about his one night stand and horrified to find out that there may be another baby on the way. His encounter with Katy causes him to question his life in a way that he never has before and he finds himself shying further away from responsibility and trying to recapture his youth – which includes Katy.

Unable to pull himself away, he threatens to tear apart the fragile web of lies that Katy has been building.

Will it all come crashing down?

Filled with laugh out loud one liners, ridiculous moments and funny anecdotes it really is a great story and one that I finished in one sitting. The storyline isn’t too taxing and the characters are likable and easy to follow.

The perfect book for reading by the beach and I’d highly recommend it.




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