Review of The Syllabus of Errors by Ashley Stokes


Review of The Syllabus of Errors by Ashley Stokes

The Syllabus of Errors is a collection of very intelligently written short stories. The details in the stories were so intricate and thought provoking that I often found myself revisiting past pages just to re digest interesting parts of the story. Review of The Syllabus of Errors by Ashley Stokes was given to me for free, in return for an honest review of the book.
This collection dramatically flings an optimist like myself straight back down to earth and lives up to the title of a ‘The Syllabus of Errors’. Without ruining any parts of the stories, I found it to be a series of melancholy tales in which I found myself captivated by the complex characters and intricate details of the story. I found myself pondering the characters long after I had put the book down and yearning for an extra chapter just so I can find out a little bit more…

Which short stories in The Syllabus of Errors were the most thought provoking?

Two stories to look out for in particular are Marmara (which actually made me shout out loud in despair!) and the Post leading Man which has an interesting twist. I am conscious of spoiling the stories so I am deliberately being vague but this is a book that demands your full attention. Make the time to sit and immerse yourself in this collection to get the full benefit of the beauty of these tales.
The story plots aren’t overly dramatic and draw you in ever so subtly that you don’t even know you have been hooked until you reach the end.

My thoughts on the Syllabus of Errors by Ashley Stokes

Overall, a very good collection of addictive cleverly written stories which I was unable to put down, the plots are interesting and the characters are likable and for this very reason Ashley Stokes and The Syllabus of Errors owe me one night of lost sleep!

The Syllabus of Errors is available from Amazon Bookstore and Kindle.

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