Review of Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris


Review of Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris


Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris

A lot of people have been asking me to write more book reviews, and as an avid reader this is a task that I am happy to undertake. I was given Behind Closed Doors to read by a friend who said that it was such a good read that she unable to put the book down.

According to the blurb on the back of Behind Closed Doors

‘Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace: he has looks and wealth, she has charm and elegance. You’d like to get to know Grace better. But it’s difficult, because you realise Jack and Grace are never apart. Some might call this true love. Picture this: a dinner party at their perfect home, the conversation and wine flowing. They appear to be in their element while entertaining. And Grace’s friends are eager to reciprocate with lunch the following week. Grace wants to go, but knows she never will. Her friends call – so why doesn’t Grace ever answer the phone? And how can she cook such elaborate meals but remain so slim? And why are there bars on one of the bedroom windows?

Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris

What appears to be a book about domestic violence underneath the guise of domestic bliss is actually much more. From the start, the author of Behind Closed Doors reveals that Jack Angel is not the man that he appears to be on the surface. The story flits back and forth between the present and the past, in which the scale of Jacks intention becomes more apparent with every turn of the page. Grace has a young sister Millie who has downs syndrome and will soon be moving into the house with Jack and Grace. Jacks appears to be looking forward to Millie moving into the vast family home, but Grace recoils in horror. Are there no depths to Jacks depravity?

I don’t want to ruin the plot so I have kept the details very sketchy, but behind closed doors is a story that you feel compelled to finish. Naturally, Jack is very handsome and rich whilst Grace is very beautiful and appears compliant. Her friends and neighbours are oblivious to Jack Angels dark nature, and his job as a highly acclaimed domestic violence lawyer has given him a celebrity status. Therefore, no one suspects the evil that Jack Angel is capable of. Because the story travels between the past and present, you don’t have all the information until the end of the book. However, the timing is impeccable and finishes the story off neatly.

My Thoughts on Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris

As a debut novel, Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris is absolutely outstanding and I read it in one sitting. The themes will be uncomfortable for some readers, but that’s the nature of the story. The plot twists are clever, the story fast-paced and intriguing from start to finish. BA Paris writes in an easy and light style so this was the perfect book for devouring during a relaxing afternoon. Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris is available from Amazon for just £5.59 and it’s the perfect stocking filler for anyone who enjoys a fast-paced psychological thriller.

Where can I buy Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris?

Have you read Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris and what did you think? Share your views in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

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