Review of Her Secret Past (What’s Her Secret?) by Victoria Blisse


Review of Her Secret Past (What’s Her Secret?) by Victoria Blisse

Firstly, I’d like to thank the lovely Victoria Blisse for sending me Her Secret Past (What’s Her Secret?) in return for my unbiased and honest review.

Victoria is prolific on the erotic writing scene and also organises the infamous Smut events up and down the country. For those interested in joining us, Smut in the City takes place in Manchester on 15th November at the Manchester Conference Centre.

Treat yourself to a ticket and join other writers and guests in fun workshops and network in a fun and relaxed environment. You can find out more about Victoria on her website Take a look!

According to the blurb on Her Secret Past (What’s Her Secret?) 

‘It’s no secret that Katrina Quinn has been caught having an affair with her hunky co-star. Hounded by the press she has escaped to Yorkshire, England and the remote seclusion of Copse Cottage. It’s a house packed full of junk and memories—far too much for one woman to handle.

For odd job man Ryan Taylor, being hired to clear clutter while ogling one of Hollywood’s hottest stars seems like easy money. A good way to escape his jealous, drunken girlfriend, Eve, who seems intent on making his life a misery. But Copse Cottage is haunted with his happy past, stirring anew his longing for the girl he used to call the best in the world.

A stolen beat-up suitcase is going to change everything—secrets will be revealed, hearts will be broken all over again and the biggest mystery of all will finally be answered. ‘

Her Secret Past (What’s Her Secret?) was gripping from start to finish, it’s well written and the characters were realistic and likeable. The plot jumps between childhood, youth and adult life but I wasn’t confused by the mix of scenarios. In fact, it gave depth and authenticity to the story and slowly reveals more about the life that Katrina left behind.

Ryan is trapped in the same toxic relationship he began as a teenager. As his sadness and discontentment grows he begins to yearn for the free spirited Janie, his childhood best friend and partner in crime. Determined to track her down and fix the mistakes that he made in the past he becomes side tracked by the mysterious Katrina Quinn. What secret is she hiding?

Haunted by the past and tormented by the present he stumbles across a discovery that will change the lives of everyone, but will it be for the better? You’ll have to read the book and find out.

A lovely story that had me hooked from the very first page. Victoria Blisse has pulled out all the stops with this tale of lost love and new beginnings. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would recommend it as the perfect easy read this summer

You can pick up your copy of Her Secret Past (What’s Her Secret?) on Amazon or win a signed copy over at the Cara Sutra website.






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