Review of the Vampires Choice


Review of the Vampires Choice by Victoria Blisse

I was given The Vampires Choice by Victoria Blisse in return for an honest and unbiased review. The Vampires Choice is Book 3 in the Point Vamp series but although I haven’t read books 1 or 2 I had no trouble reading this book as a standalone book.

The book is available from Amazon Kindle for just £2.58 and is available to download in minutes.

According to the blurb:

A crazy vampire or an ice-queen human, it’s not much of a choice but it is the one Kyle has to make.

Kyle may be undead, but he still lives at home with his Gran and works in a supermarket stacking shelves with his mates. His life hasn’t changed much, apart from being dead and having to suck blood from live humans to survive.

Luckily he knows The Point, a vampire bar where the humans are hot, tasty and eager to please. Well, most of them are. Janine is the exception. She is cold and distant, but from the first time he meets her, Kyle is smitten.

But he has a problem. A hot but crazy female vamp has got him in her sights and she’ll stop at nothing to get him all to herself.

Kyle has a decision to make and it will change his afterlife forever. Who will he chose?

This story was a refreshing change from other vampire stories that I’ve recently read. The female characters were strong and dominated the storylines, with Kyle being the pawn in a rivalry which has spiralled over many years.

The plot is dark, racy and really keeps the reader guessing. I found Janine’s character particularly intriguing, her difficult past and violent tendencies have brought mistrust amongst the Vampire community be Kyle just can’t tear himself away. There is more to her then meets the eye but can Kyle get close enough to pierce the icy exterior?

Sharon is hot, lusty and always at his side. She knows Janine’s violent past and warns Kyle to keep his distance. The only thing is…. Sharon has a secret too…

I loved The Vampires Choice, it’s brilliantly written and the plot is a real page turner.

Highly recommended.


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