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The guide to finding cheap vibrators for women


Cheap vibrator

You want a vibrator, but you are overwhelmed by the variety of vibrators on the market, their forms, colours and functions. Choosing can sometimes be difficult for a beginner, so this guide will teach you how to make a difference between a bullet vibrator and a butterfly vibrator or between a classic vibrator and a realistic vibrator. The purpose of this short article is to help you find the vibrator that will give you full satisfaction in the shortest time and at the best price.

Regardless of the sex toy you choose, do not forget to add a sex lubricant to make your sex experience as comfortable as possible.

The bullet vibrator

It is the most popular choice for the first toy and is ideal for couples. These small vibrators are built to give precision, and their name comes from their resemblance to a bullet (SPITZER bullets) both in shape and size. Because their size does not exceed 5-6 cm, they use small batteries (LR44). Bullet vibrators are ideal for women who want direct clitoral stimulation during masturbation or sexual intercourse.

Butterfly vibrators

Also known as the strap-on butterfly vibrator, they can be worn as a pair of panties to give a direct boost to the clitoris, while leaving your hands free. Their name is given by the form of the clitoris stimulator, which is usually butterfly-shaped. Some future vibrators also have an insertable part to provide internal stimulation. They can be used during sex or solo play.

Classical vibrators

With a fake shape and discreet design, designed for internal stimulation, but can also be used to stimulate the clitoris, this type of vibrator was originally marketed as vibrating massagers. Classical vibrators offer the best way to try insertable sex toys and most often provide vibrations with adjustable intensity through a rotating button at the base.

Vibrators for the clitoris

The name of the vibrator for the clitoris comes from the main objective of this type of vibrator, namely to stimulate the clitoris. Their shape is perfect for clitoral stimulation and usually offers more interchangeable heads, so you can experience more. Clitoral vibrators are a little bigger than bullet vibrators to allow for larger batteries and stronger engines.

Double vibrators

Double vibrators resemble a bit with double dildos, the only difference being vibrations. These contain vibrating engines or special places for inserting a vibrating egg or bullet. When it comes to a vibrator, always 2 heads are better than one, whether you want to share it with your partner or want to enjoy yourself.

Cheap vibrator

Finger vibrators

They are designed to be put on your finger giving you the best control over your movements. Finger vibrators are typically small vibrators or bullets mounted in a sleeve that fits perfectly with your finger. Whether it is carried by you or your partner, this vibrator will considerably improve your sexual intercourse.

Glass vibrators

You’ve probably heard of glass dildos, but glass vibrators are new to the sex toys market. There are two types of glass vibrators: those with a hole, a place where a vibrating egg can be inserted; and those built with a hollow inside without compromising its resistance, and then mounting a vibrator inside. The main thrust of these vibrators is the unique design. Water resistant can be heated or cooled according to preference. Find out more here.

G-point vibrator

These curved vibrators have only one purpose to stimulate the most sensitive part of the vagina, the G point, during penetration. G-point vibrators typically have a thicker head than the rest of the vibrator and an angle with the right inclination for maximum stimulation. Stimulation of the G-spot is often associated with squirting, making these vibrators the most popular sex toy for experimentation.

Vibrators of jelly

These flexible sex toys are made of the most classic material used in the jelly sex toy industry. Jelly is easy to maintain and adorable because of its pink colours. It is a durable material and is much cheaper than other materials, which means that jelly vibrators are usually cheaper. However, you MUST ensure that these products are body-safe, which means that they will not decay or harm the skin during use.

Let’s hope that we’ve been able to offer you some good tips and helped you shorten the list of choosing a vibrator to just a few models.


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